Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life is wonderful (touch wood)


Dear Marchella,

I have totally forgotten how small you all are at the beginning, tiny and absolutely adorable :)

Your mother told me how you made her miss the time when your brother was at your age (5 days old :)

Before you left the hospital a surgeon did a tiniest of operation on your tongue that made you suckle so much better and at the same time it doesn’t hurt your mother so much. So after you got home you were crying quite a bit, but we weren’t sure if it was due to the operation or that you were hungry.

You seemed to be hungry all the time :) by the way you have been a fantastic baby so far, touch wood :)

The above photo was taken on the eighth, you were one day old, to see your brother sleeping on the couch and you sleeping in your mother’s arms is something very special to me :) However, getting your brother to go to sleep needed more cunning than one of Blackadder’s most cunning plan, but strangely he is so gentle around you and really behaves himself.

DSC08448Yesterday out of the blue he told me “Papa, I like hospital, Papa” (repeat three times)... that gave me such a smile, people around us thought that your brother and I were absolutely crazy :) While at the hospital, he loved to take all the visitors to see you in nursery, after which he would dashed back to the main room.

Your grandmother and her sister (Grand Auntie?) now come to visit you every evening, you would be totally still in your cot and the two of them would just sit next to you doing nothing but looking, I could tell they were dying to hold you but sleep is so important at this stage... Don’t worry they were more than willing to wait :)

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