Thursday, November 10, 2011

From three became four :)


Dear Marcella,

You came home today, and I thought we were well prepared this time, lol. Found out that I had forgotten a vital part of your mother’s pump, had to get on to a motorcycle taxi and rushed to Central Chidlom...

It is now coming fast to seven in the evening, you are fast a sleep in your cot that is sitting next to me, Matt is enjoying his supper, and your mother is scoffing down my mother’s cooking... lol. My mother is working overtime preparing food for your mother (which would then be delivered across the city to us), we (Thais) have our belief that certain food help the women to produce more milk after delivery... lol.

Unfortunately your mother’s parents are now in Chiang Rai (to the North of the country), to escape from the flood, the last time your auntie was at their home, the water was just about entering the house, but that was a week ago, we are all still hoping for the best.

Having difficult time choosing which photos to post, in four days I had already counted almost 500 photos... and 450 no one on earth would find interesting apart from me and you mother, haa haa haa, lol.

Love you,


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