Friday, June 3, 2011

Saturday-scape :)


On this Saturday (28.05.11) morning your mother decided to pay a visit to this shop, ‘Suksapan’, I have never known such a place ever existed, it was such a pleasant surprise to find such a fantastic shop in Bangkok.

A direct translation of ‘Suksa-pan’ is ‘Education-Supplies’, after squeezing through a smallish door you will be treated with a space as wide as the eye can see, a multi level store (no escalators just an old fashion wooden stairs), that is probably older than mother time. It was how I imagine an old ‘communist’ shop would look like, not quite organised and not yet an anarchy.

Loads of people though, I’d guess it was just like finding the ‘room of requirement’, of course the things you were requiring happened to be stationaries :) How to describe this place in the least possible words… ‘Anything from Microscope, dead samples of insects to nursery rhyme books and HB pencils’, they have everything! Literally ‘everything’.

Anyway, I got you a magnify glass and a couple of books (no idea where they are all now, probably lost in the wardrobe of Narnia), after which your mother and I had a dilemma, should we skive off ‘Brain School’? Of course we did :)

DSC05212We decided to find a place to have lunch, Burger King turned out to be quite a good choice, you were chomping down the fish burger faster than a fish swallowing water, to get to Suksapan, we had to park in the temple’s car park, so we decided to have a quick gander around the temple before going home, what another great decision from your mother.


The temple,‘
Wat Bowon Niwet’, turned out to be very famous, and absolutely beautiful. Your mother was so patient with us, you and I managed to pay homage to a couple of temples, and it was also your mother who found the tree that was planted by the King, wow. This very normal Saturday had turned out to be something very special in deed. :)

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