Friday, January 14, 2011

Exciting Start… (another trip to the emergency room)

bloody-rose-scarlet-splash Wow, what an exciting beginning to 2011 :) Last night everything ran like clockwork… You had your dinner, had your bath and was all cosy in bed asleep by around nine. Then at around midnight both your mother and I heard you crying, thinking nothing of it, your mother went into auto pilot mode.

In the dark she picked you up and started to cradle you to sleep, but something was wrong… then your mother turned on the light. I was in the kitchen when I heard your mother scream (of course in a calm way :) ), dropping everything I ran to your bedroom, and saw blood everywhere!

Your mother was checking every millimetre of your body, and it was obvious that all the blood was coming from your bottom lip… somehow you had fallen over and badly gashed your bottom lip. Leaving nothing to chance, we got dressed and quickly got into the car to go to the hospital… and here is a funny story :)

It is quite a long walk from the elevator to our car, so usually I would jump out at parking level 2 while your mother and you ride the elevator to the lobby and wait for me to pick you both up. So that is what I thought was going to happen, but this time your mother decided to follow me out from the elevator. I ran toward the car, not realising that your mother was trotting behind, carrying a very sleepy & bloodied lip you :). I got in the car and sped off to the ground floor (also driving passed your mother without seeing her or you), leaving your mother very puzzled and kind of crossed :) After I arrived at the ground floor I realised almost immediately that your mother must have followed me out of the elevator… the rest is history :) of course it wasn’t funny at the time :)

The Dr. took a good look and decided that the gash was wide but not deep, so he decided against putting in a stitch (much to our relief)… Some one thousand and seven hundred bahts lighter, we headed back home… Of course the night had just started for me, as I had to stripped and re-made your bed, washed all the bloodied clothes (my shirt was covered), cleaned all the walls and floor as well as the dirty dishes and washed your bottles, it was way passed two when my head touches the pillow (can you hear the sad violin in the background? :) ).

Please let the rest of the year be less exciting :)