Monday, April 14, 2008

14.04.2008: Comparison... :)

Your mother received a phone call today, one of her colleague had also just given birth, all in all her friend had gained... are you ready for this :) ... ... ... 4 Kgs... and 'so far' your mother have gained 23 Kgs (that is over +51%). I have purposely said 'so far' :) Your mother said she is going on a diet, please keep in mind that you'll be arriving in just 5 weeks, so I said 'forget it' and bought her some ice-cream... :) haa haa haa, we really can not wait go see you.

In terms of a career, you may think about becoming a Chef, the hidden agenda is really to keep your mother out of the kitchen (as you can do all the cooking :) The salapaos that I was telling you about were not too bad but there are just so much of it! The couple that I had was rather good, but I think that could really be just the best 2... haa haa.



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