Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bangkok’s BRT

First was the BTS (aka skytrain), then came the MRT (undergrounds), now comes the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Although the first (and only) BRT line runs right in front of our place, we have never thought of actually using it… until now (before going on any further, BRT is simply a bus with a dedicated lane all to itself (although on some part of the route they do share the road with the rest)).

This mass transport has caused a bit of a stir, because in some area they took away one lane of the road and gave it to BRT, just imagine that you’ve been stuck in traffic for the last 45 minutes without moving an inch (a very common occurrence in BKK), then as you glance to your right and see this empty oasis lane (as far as the eyes could see) but you can’t just get to it… :)

Anyway, right now there is a promotion, 10 THB for the whole route… as this was a weekend the road was pretty empty, so it took us only 30 minutes to travel 12.5 Kms, very good for BKK standard.