Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are now officially ‘City Mice’ :)

DSC01292After weeks of shopping (much to your mother’s delight) and me watching over the installment of the curtains, wallpapers and all of the furniture, we all have officially turned into city folk on the 12th of September 2010... :) This was kind of a great timing, as this was a Sunday and so the traffic was almost non existence, the weather was also on our side, as for the first time in several days the rain cloud was no where to be seen.

Being Chinese/Thai, we have our little quirks of various traditions, the Sunday we had chosen to move in was an ‘auspicious’ day :), so that made your grandmother even happier. Now what exactly governs which day to be ‘auspicious’? I have no idea, Chinese astrology may have something to do with it, all I know is that we have this massive Chinese calendar that tells us when it would be a good day to do things... :)





DSC01298With just a little over a week now behind us, you’ll be glad to know that you are still late getting to school... lol…, well at least you don’t have to spend 2 hours in the car every morning, this is simply because we are still settling in, over the past week I had to drive up to the house almost every night either to pick things up or drop things off, well at least driving at night was a singe.

All of the trouble with moving and other headaches associated with it, is now paled in comparison to you not eating and general poor health, and with the latest episode of you shedding is just driving your mother and grandmother crazy... We took you to your regular Dr. a couple of weeks back, she said it was nothing to worry about, as the falling hair could be because of you not eating.

DSC01345However, we were not so sure, so last Sunday we took you to a specialist, she was very thorough, and came up with pretty much the same conclusion of ‘nothing much to worry about at the moment’, interestingly she did ask us to keep a count of your fallen hair, so this is now added to our daily routine... 100 hairs/day??? Luckily, so far I don’t think you have reached the 100 mark, but the medicine and olive oil is helping a lot as only this morning your hair count had drastically dropped.

We have discovered a way to make you eat, it sounds terrible and very difficult to do, simply, if you turn down your food we just let it be, but no milk. Yesterday was the first day we tried this out, and it worked out great, it was gone eleven when you had your first meal of the day, you ended up walking into the kitchen and picked up your bowl then walked to your mother then started pointing to your mouth :) we were over the moon, unfortunately with your normal schedule we can not do this everyday, so milk and vitamins supplement will have to do for the time being.

DSC01330Another worrying thing is your temperature, last Thursday your temperature went up to the low end of 38c again, so for the past 5 days you have been on the meds, and now your temperature is at 37.4c, I am still unsure if this is your normal temperature or not, so we are going to wait a couple of days.

Well at least your stuffy nose is getting better, and you are still as cheerful as ever :) but the letter from your school had us all worried again... apparently H1N1 is on the prowls once more... at one time only three kids turned up to your class :)