Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for a drastic change :)

For the past couple of months or so, your mother and I have been very busy (especially your mother) with a very important personal project, rushing around from here to there like a headless chicken on speed, and what or who was it all for, ‘You’, of course.
Soon you’ll be starting your nursery school, judging by the way you like to be around others we don’t see any problem for you, but what would be a problem is getting you to the school on time. Just imagine this scenario… The school starts at 08:00 sharp, morning traffic is so bad so we have to allow at least an hour and a half for being on the road, meaning leaving the house at 06:30, add about an hour for getting up, wash & change, that would take us up to 05:30… and your mother have to make your breakfast, meaning your mother have to be up just a little before 05:00… WHAT??? 05:00??? There is no way I am going to put you and your mother through that (on top of that you’ll probably have to have your breakfast in the car).
Money Illustration So I have decided to get a condo. in town, and that is why we have been so busy lately, I am so glad to tell you that we have already found a place, but it is super expensive (many people are playing the speculative game, driving up property prices like crazy around here). So for the first time in my life I am going to be in debt with the bank, the dreaded mortgage ;) for the next 22 years I’ll be enslave, feeding into the machine that makes the world go round… the debt machine :)
My parents are a bit apprehensive for me to take out such a large mortgage, but just the thought of how much this will improve your mother’s and your quality of life, all the difficulties just pale in comparison. Just wish me luck and hope everything works out in the end.
Love you.