Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Hospital Trip

Yesterday was a strange day for you, everything was out of sync. On an hour drive to your grandparents you decided to fall asleep, which usually means your afternoon nap will now be very late in the afternoon, and that is exactly what had happened. You went to sleep at around 14:00 (missing your lunch) and didn’t wake up again until 17:00 after which you had your lunch.

Your mother and I were at work, where I received a phone call from my mother saying that you were behaving rather strangely. Apparently after your (very) late lunch my mother gave you a small biscuit and that had somehow made you threw up, after which you had acted like something was stuck in your throat/nose. You were walking around and opening your mouth trying to cough and keep rubbing your face with your hands.

Your grandmother was also not feeling well (very upset stomach), so your mother had to rushed home to take you to the hospital, accompanying you was my aunt (she is fantastic and absolutely adore you, she has been helping to look after you since you were born).

After parking the car at BNH, you decided to have a huge sneeze… and guessed what happened? A piece of mince pork came out from your throat… and that was it, all was fine again, but to be safe your mother took you to see the doctor anyway, after a lot of probing (I was told you were being your difficult self again), you were declared in perfect health (touch wood).

You are right now at home, probably running around chasing either the spider by the rear of the house, a couple of cats that keep coming to the garage, or most likely the dog next door.

Love you.