Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Burning Up…

You gave us such a fright again, it must have been last Monday evening (09.03.2009) when we discovered you had a bit of a temperature, we weren’t too worried about it, you often get a little hot but when the morning comes around all would be back to normal.

Well, this time your temperature remained quite high, the ‘armpit’ thermometer (you’ll be glad to know that we could have stuck the thermometer up where the sun does not shine but we didn’t :) ) read 37.9, which is the highest ever for you, so guess where your next stop would be?

The usual routine of every Hospital visit is the same; go up to the nurse to tell who you were and what was wrong, the next step will be the measuring of your height, weight and temperature… well, after the nurse read your ‘ear’ thermometer, she jumped out of her skin, it actually read 39.

We weren’t going to see the Doc… instead she rushed you into this little room to rub you down with a cool towel… you sure didn’t enjoy that one bit, oh, only if you could talk…

After about 25 minutes of non stop crying and screaming… your temperature dropped down to 38.6, still rather high but no longer in the danger zone… The Doc. turned out to be really very nice, we discovered that your throat was a little sore, so some antibiotic, and other medicine was prescribed.

In the evening your temperature went up 39.4 (we went out and bought one of those ‘ear’ thermometer as well, so much faster, so much better), but you were still very cheerful like nothing was wrong, but you should have seen our faces… talking about stress!… anyhow, we did what the Doc. said, all we could do was to rub you down with a cool towel, and hope the medicine would do their magic… We even bought a cool (sticky) pad for your forehead… it was actually quite useful and certainly worked (your mother and I both tried it as well).

By the time Wednesday morning arrived, your temperature was down to a respectable 37.x (sorry, can not remember) and by the time the evening came you were back to normal… but you still had a runny nose. Feeding you the medicine is an art one needs about 25 years to perfect, because we only had 10 months so far it was fun to say the least. One time you managed to chucked up in about 5 seconds all of your breakfast on to the floor which took an hour to get it into you in the first place…

Anyway, a week later we are still monitoring  your temperature… we promise to stop when you are 29, OK? :)


Loving you always,


Mum and Dad

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