Thursday, May 1, 2008

01.05.2008: Holiday

Today (Thursday) is labour day, so your mother and I have the day off, we are also taking leave tomorrow, and on the Monday is our great King's coronation anniversary... meaning... another public holiday :) all in all 5 days off... but we are not going any where, we can't really, at times your mother now finds it hard to even breath.

Actually, it was supposed to be a day off for your mother, but she had to go to the office, her company is thinking of making some important changes and today of all days was the kick off meeting. I am not sure how much she will be useful, as in just a few weeks she will be taking 3 months off, she gets to spend all day with you for the next few months, you are so lucky... :)

Iron man have just came out in the cinemas, and if we have time we are going see it tomorrow, I do hope it won't turn out to be another disappointment, well, it can not be as terrible as Batman Forever (directed by Joel Schumacher), a blo&%y waste of time..



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