Monday, December 11, 2017

Sheets of Metal… :-)

collageDear Matt and Mar,

Unfortunately my time at CMG had to come to an end… the job was great, the team was even better… but another important key proved to be something that wasn’t… so I’d left.

Now (actually for the past 4 months) I have been working at BlueScope, #1 brand of metal sheet roofing in Thailand (by far), but not without some interesting challenges. Jumping into a new industry wasn’t that daunting, the team has and still is fantastic, but what is challenging is the market forces.

No matter what the government is saying about how great the economy is doing (well, they have to say that), on the ground and certainly in the world of construction materials, which is probably a great indicator for how the economy is really doing, when all of the construction materials (not just roofing) are down, it is rather hard to believe that the country is doing great, but the other indicators are looking better, so all of our fingers are still crossed.

One of the biggest change for all of us with this new job is the amount of travel, in four months (16 weeks) about half those weeks had been spent on the road, haa haa haa. I would have found this difficult if it was a couple of years ago, when you two were younger but now Mar don’t even want me to walk her up to her class, haa haa haa. I still miss you two an awful lot though, the vdo chat have been a life safer, wherever I am in the world your smile is just a few clicks away… fantastic… haa haa haa.

More travel, more new places, more photos, haa haa haa, love you.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Back to even more fun :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This was way back (14 Aug. 2017) we had only arrived back from Perth a day earlier, and you two were absolutely back in the zone, haa haa haa. On the other hand, I was walking around like a half a brain missing zombie…

001Obviously I took the easy way out (your mother was away), and asked what you wanted to do… haa haa haa, thinking was the difficult part, driving you from A to B was a much easier task, haa haa haa.

Off we went to Emquartier, to be more specific, to Bounce. Mar had been here once before and loved it, but for Matt, this was his first visit. You would thought that an hour of nothing but jumping around would have been tiring enough… haa haa haa, but of course no.

During our walk to lunch, I took a double take, the outside garden as we were entering the Helix was setup just like the Tree Adventure that all of us never wanted to leave only a few days earlier, haa haa haa haa, of course Mar and Matt, lunch could wait. The only regret was no adults were allowed to have a go, lol.

From a ‘nothing’ sort of a day to a fun filled never wanted to end day was a bit unexpected, haa haa haa.