Monday, May 29, 2017

Beyond loud :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This past Saturday your mother and Matt had to attend practice for Matt’s FHC, so it was just Mar and I left for the morning roam around. Mar wanted to feed the fish, so off we went to Lumphini park, the sun was bright with only a few clouds hanging high in the sky, but the heat, even at this time in the morning, it was already getting to be a little too much.

Lately, I have never known such heat, may be because of my old age, lol, but this year there has been a couple of days that had literally been unbearable.

Beyond loud-05846After feeding the fishes, it was time to wash up and go home, and by chance we came across this rather playful cat, well it was playful to begin with... lol. Of course being Mar, it was inevitable that she would have gravitated towards the cat. It didn’t end well, it clawed a large part of Mar’s leg, blood were gushing, tears were flowing... and the cry was deafening.

Like rain in the summer time, soon the tears subsides to light whimpering to be followed by a frowny face and suddenly the laughter and smile were back in full force, lol.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Boring breakfast, never :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Breakfast is never boring, partly stressful, partly frustration, partly fun, partly full of laughter, partly filled with tears… but never boring :-)


Go where the fun is :-)

DSC05732_stitchDear Matt and Mar,

It will probably be the longest time before we visit Central Eastville again, don’t get me wrong, it is probably one of the most well designed mall in Thailand, I like the balance and the connection between the indoor and outdoor part.

We were there twice, the first time was during Songkran festival (Thai New Year), so it was ultra busy, in fact it was so ultra busy that I couldn’t find a parking space, in the end had to drop off you two, your mother and her family (grandparents and aunts) whilst I went to the nearby mall to have lunch alone, 555.

The second time, was only a couple of weeks after Songkran, I was apprehensive in coming back here especially at the weekend, but Matt really, really, really wanted to visit the new playground, as it was not opened during Songkran.

And of course I was right... finding a parking space, even during a normal weekend was nigh impossible, let me change that, it was impossible, unless lady luck was smiling at you, and one had smiled at us, because just when we about to go home, we noticed a couple walking to their car and all we had to do was to wait.

Glad to say, that the playground did not disappoint, haa haa haa.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Not sure who had more fun, :-)

D Cafe-05571Dear Matt and Mar,

Ok, time to get back to more posting… haa haa haa, and you may be wondering where I’ve been? Well mostly sitting on my bum in the living room, lol, playing ‘The Last of Us’, wow what a game!!!!!!!! It was so good I played it twice back to back… and now considering playing it the third time.

Matt never had a ‘I want a pet’ phase so Mar is making up for that big time, haa haa haa, cats, dogs, fish, Giraffe, haa haa haa. So on one sunny Sunday afternoon (many weeks back), after hearing Mar moaning all morning, and after searching on the internet we all tumbled into the van and off we went to have lunch at one of those Dog CafĂ©.

But when it came down to it, your mother looked liked she had the most fun out of all of us, lol. I had just noticed that I don’t have a single photo of Mar… as she was running and laughing everywhere but at our table, haa haa haa.


D Cafe-05605D Cafe-05597D Cafe-05575

D Cafe-05588D Cafe-05607

Sunday, May 14, 2017

House of Chefs…

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the past few weeks, your mother and Mar had been in baking hyper drive. Of course Matt and I are not complaining… haa haa haa.

It is so hard to keep to the diet when all of these, bread, biscuits, and others scrumptious carb. laying around, haa haa haa haa haa.

As I am writing this right now, your mother is outside baking a pile of delicious bakery for breakfast… I think it is time to do some surprise auditing, lol, and you can hear my diet die a little, lol.

Chef Mar-05525House of Chefs-05532House of Chefs-05562

Silly Mar.

Busy Mar-05511Dear Matt and Mar,

In everything that Matt does, Mar will follow. She looks up to him like the guiding light in the pitch-dark sky, she thinks Matt is the funniest person in the world, and the kindest and the smartest, haa haa haa haa. But day by day, her own character is coming through… and I am afraid we are now living with 2 budding comedians, haa haa haa haa haa.

That isn’t a hat… it’s one of those table tent to promote the restaurant’s latest menu, but it does look good on her though… haa haa haa.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Silly Face Sunday.

IMG_20170430_133908_2-01Dear Matt and Mar,

Why is it so hard to give me one normal pose? Haa haa haa haa, somehow I am going to make a series out of this, haa haa haa, the name is Silly Face Sunday :-)

I am writing this on a Monday of a long weekend, the time is precisely 11:25, you two are having fun at school, your mother is outside in the living room on a online conference with Australia, and I am in here trying to catch up with a few blog posts, lol.

Can’t wait to pick you up at 14:30… missing you loads :-)

Songkran 2017, so many changes :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Wow, it is Songkran once more, so many changes for me at this time. During the month of March, it was super hectic, spending a couple of days in CN, then almost a week in SG, then literally a day after that, flew to Paris, then caught a train to Lille then another train to London, before flying back to BKK. And on top of everything at the end of March I’d decided to leave TRUE to join another company.

Now in the month of April, tomorrow will be Songkran a most welcome break, but with only 3 weeks into this new workplace it was improper for me to take extra days off work to spend more time with you, feeling quite guilty over the whole thing.

Songkra 2017-04988Songkra 2017-05022

I am now with CMG, in their BD department, the company itself is going through some major changes, dictated by the changes in the business environment, the road ahead won’t be a simple one, haa haa haa, this is the most politically correct way to put it, haa haa haa.

Your mother is also super busy at GBT (travelling across the globe), who is also going through some major changes too, sometime it can be quite overwhelming, but there is the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am trying to support her in anyway I can.

Songkra 2017-05033Songkra 2017-05125As usual we’d stayed in BKK during Songkran (13th - 16th of April), trying to spend as much time as possible with the family, each day would involve a short day trip, and at night your mother would go baking crazy... literally baking loaf after loaf of bread and tray after tray of biscuits. The highlight came on the final 2 days, by then Songkran was in full swing, and we had decided to do a Sniping Songkran ride, haa haa haa, you two absolutely loved it (and so did your mother), I have never seen you two laughed so much and so hard.

Usually, people would drive in pickup trucks, on the back would sit a huge barrel of water surrounded by people who would be spraying water all around... Because we have a van, we did it our way... haa haa haa. So your water pistol would be loaded up, the van’s window would open slightly and when the opportunity present itself you would be spraying water at the people who were game for Songkran (not everyone would be up to being soak, so we had to be really careful).

Songkra 2017-05118Songkra 2017-05119I have never heard such laughter from both sides, the people who you sprayed would often laugh with surprise, and you two (including your mother) would giggle so much, haa haa haa, a couple of time they saw us coming, and threw a huge bucket of water into the van, Matt would bear the brunt of it being sat next to the window... haa haa haa haa haa.

On the Sunday, what a coincidence, we had our heart set on visiting Zanook Wake and Aqua Park (fantastic place!) which belongs to long time friends (uncle Mai and aunt Ann), but the night before Aunt Ann phoned to ask us to join her twins Birthday party at Zanook! A couple of Songkran ago, again by chance, we’d spent the most amazing couple of days at their house in Huahin.

Zanook ( is an absolute gem!!! I have never laughed so much, and been more tired running and jumping around the water obstacle course!!! The amount of time I had to pull you two up from the water was enough for me to skip a few lifting session at the gym, lol. Unfortunately I was a bit of a chicken to try the wake board… haa haa haa, but I’ll be back soon the wakeboard looked amazingly fun!

Songkran ended on a high, what a laugh!


A7 Zanooook mak mak-05267A7 Zanooook mak mak-05358A7 Zanooook mak mak-05356