Monday, September 26, 2016

Swim anyone?

Leala-01645Dear Matt and Mar,

Mar had been waiting for this Sunday’s afternoon forever, haa haa haa. One of her friend was celebrating her birthday, the excitement became treble once she knew it was going to be a pool party!

It was the perfect opportunity she had been waiting for, to wear her Elsa dress (+wig), haa haa haa, lets cut a long story short... you two had a great time... so did the parents as the booze was flowing like river, haa haa haa. Of course I had a small glass of beer and that was it... haa haa haa.

It was a great afternoon, this was really the first time for your mother and I to be spending time with the rest of parents from Mar’s class, and they were all superb!

I am sorry for not being able to post photos of you having fun with your friends, all laughing and smiling in the pool. Against my personal policy of not posting any photos of other children without their parents’ approval, lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Not even a puff :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Hi babies, I was going through the photos library again, seems to be taking more photos than usual lately :-), totally forgotten that I had captured this photo during a mundane lunch, actually lunch with you two is never dull, lol.

Trying so hard-01468In simple words, Matt was trying (really, really, really hard) to start a fire with the throw away chopsticks and a bunch of paper towel, whilst Mar was looking away into the distance wondering if her big brother could have been anymore sillier, haa haa haa… and no, no fire was made on this day (not even a puff of smoke), haa haa haa haa haa.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Afternoon in Cholburi (Wat Khruawan) :-)

001Dear Matt and Mar,

A bit of a funny Sunday, lol, last weekend my father mentioned he wanted to visit one of the temple in Cholburi, this one is famous for the amulet 'Phra Pid Ta', Wat Khruawan, so of course at around 09:00 we all set off to Cholburi. I was quite surprise that the temple was actually only an hour drive away, on a bad day in the middle of BKK, an hour on the road could literally mean 17 metres.

For once in a blue moon I'd managed to follow Google map without getting lost, that in itself was weird, lol, the temple sits pretty much in the middle of the town of Cholburi so it wasn’t difficult to find. I am glad we had come here, purely for my parents, I think it meant a lot to your grandfather, and a chance to learn more from him was fantastic.

For lunch we were going to this rather popular (to the local) restaurant, ‘Ta Gwean Duck’ (follows by a chinese name), after following Google Map to the area, someone saw this small restaurant ‘Ta Gwean Duck’ (follows by a chinese name), so we all piled in, ordered, ate and left... only to realised that the actual restaurant we wanted to visit was a few steps around the corner with literally the same name, apart from the following chinese name, haa haa haa.

002After lunch, looking for things to do we headed towards another landmark, a Chinese Shrine (Thepsathit Phra Kiti Chalerm Chinese Shrine), I am not claiming to be an expert, but it does look like a totally different branch of Buddhism. Totally enjoyed all of the statues, art, and colours, totally brilliant.

The sun was alarming angry in the afternoon, making everything just that little more difficult for everyone, so after a quick rest it was time to go home. Matt has been a little poorly and had slept all the way during the drive up as well as on the drive back to BKK, so it was a good choice to keep the trip short, but a grand day out nonetheless :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dry cleaning again :-)

IMG_20160910_184128Dear Matt and Mar,

Dry cleaning is the term your mother and I use for a nights like these (admittedly it is getting rarer and rarer)… no shower and straight to bed, well not quite. You two would be rigorously toweled down (damp), changed and delicately forced to use the loo, the last thing we need is for either of you to be up at three in the morning needing a number one, lol.

Give it another few months and I think your mother would really struggle to carry Mar up to the apartment, lol.

Finally Finished :-)

IMG_20160909_212311IMG_20160909_212337Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally, finally I have finished Thud! Due to the ridicules amount of time I take to read any book now a day, I have taken into the habit of writing the first date to which I have started (and complete) reading a particular book. As you can see, the amount of time it had take me to read this book is utterly shameful, haa haa haa.

To be fair, I had actually read the first 25% of this book at least 4 times (admittedly it did spend most of its time in the back of a very tall cupboard), I had made a purposive effort to finish the book since I have been coercing (more like a little push) Matt to finish his first Harry Potter book. Originally I was thinking along the line of a reading buddy, but Matt ended up finishing the book at least a couple of week ahead of me.

By the way, you must read Thud... In this Universe of Terry Pratchett, to which I have only read a few, but from what I have read I would strongly suggest you two read the books with Mr. Moist Von Lipwig in it, and so far there are 3 books with him as the protagonist. I had only read the first 2, Going Postal and Making Money, the third, Raising Steam, apparently the final book published before the great author passing, he is probably right now sitting on his favourite stool at Biers enjoying the most delicious ale, chatting to various zombies, vampires or werewolves, before leaving for a dinner appointment with Lord Vetinari.

I am hoping to keep the momentum going, right now I have stamped the starting date of 09.09.16 in 'The Art Thief', lol, and so far not a single page had been read, lol.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A van is not enough :-)

End of every Saturday-06037Dear Matt and Mar,

This is usually how most, if not all of our Saturday ends, lol. Your mother and I have even discussed removing one row of seats so that we could carry more stuff, haa haa haa.

Golf bag, Brain School bag, Piano bags, Art bag, Thai bag, Shopping bags, Dry Cleaning bags, Spare Clothes bags, camera bag, my bag,  your mother's bag, a rugby ball, a football and so many more, haa haa haa haa haa, sometimes even a couple of bicycles too :-)

Saturday is by far the most tiring day for both your mother and I, and to top off the day, by the time we get home we also have to carry both of you upstairs too :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What happened to the garden? :-)

The garden-05079Dear Matt and Mar,

It had been several weeks since Mar and I had visited the garden in Thonglor, usually Mar and I would take a short walk to the garden after Matt goes to his Thai class. However, since Mar had decided to attend the art class at the same time slot, the garden trip was no longer mandatory, lol. So no more feeding the chickens, feeding the goats, watering flowers and close out with a small tub of ice-cream, haa haa haa.

However (25.06.16), after dropping you two off at your respective classes, I was really looking forward to be doing absolutely nothing for the next hour or so, haa haa haa, then suddenly 'Ka-Bang' then darkness, one of the close by transformer had exploded. 'Sod', haa haa haa, so I trudged up the stairs to find your floor bathing in emergency lights, great ambience for wine and beer but not really ideal for painting or learning a language. You two could have carried on with candles, but the lack of air conditioning was the straw that broke the camel's back.

So what to do now? Haa haa haa, of course I am not as creative as your mother... then suddenly... 'You must go to the garden, it has been ages' (in the most Moses' voice ever imaginable), and naturally I'd awarded myself a gold medal (in my mind), I was ever so proud, lol.

After a short walk we arrived at the garden, and it was like a scene from a Hollywood B film where after 70 minutes the protagonists having just escaped the most dire situation and now found themselves a hair's breadth away from freedom... after all those struggle, all those near deaths and at last, a chance to get away. Then the camera zoomed in, to a very tight crop of the protagonists' faces, their smiles slowly metamorphose into nothing but despair. That was my face when I saw that the garden was no more... haa haa haa.

The garden Thonglor-09337The garden Thonglor-09340

Saturday, September 3, 2016

A wing and a sunset cliché shot :-)

Cliche Shot-00338Dear Matt and Mar,

This is a bit of a cliché shot, I am guessing it is a cliché shot because to most it was more interesting to shoot outside rather than the inside of an aeroplane, lol. This one was shot during my flight home from Tokyo, there must be hundreds, if not thousand of these wing and sun (set or rise) shots, so there is no harm in adding just one more, haa haa haa.

Came across the photo in Lightroom by chance, I was just roaming around and found this one :-) Usually, the photos from the A7 or the TG3 would have been OTA transferred into the Mate 8 as soon as the session was completed, and a few minutes later it would have been doing its round on the Social Media sites (did I need to capitalise that? Haa haa haa haa haa).

Anyway, I like the shot, nothing new, but it was interesting working on it in Lightroom, after so many years, I am still learning on using Lightroom... so many good teachers on YouTube though, lol.

Friday, September 2, 2016


Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother was looking for a new notebook bag, haa haa haa (evil laugh), perfect, time to visit my second home... Fortune Town. Of course trying to look at anything whilst having two monkeys hanging around was near impossible, so I took one for your mother and took you two away while your mother went shopping, lol.

Sat Turtles Mach-01431Of course I had a hidden agenda... haa haa haa (another evil laugh), I had wanted to have a good look at the small wacom tablet... haa haa haa (the evil-est laugh of all), didn’t get it though :-) At around 4,300 THB it was rather steep for a small graphic tablet (with pen and touch capability), of which I was going to use now and then with Lightroom.

But what I was glad we did was to visit a friend’s coffee shop, Cafe Mach, great drip coffee at a unbelievable price :-) As they say... why good coffee have to be expensive?