Sunday, July 31, 2016

Box Builder :-)

DIY-09852Dear Matt and Mar,

Matt was a superb assistant (at the beginning… lol, whilst Mar slept, well it had been a very long day), we had a fantastic day hunting for ‘space’… haa haa haa, instead of putting your various bags on the floor or on top of things which was getting on your mother’s nerve :-), we needed ‘something’ to house your bags, although both your mother and I didn’t quite know what we were looking for… yet :-).

So what to do if one needs a piece of furniture without knowing exactly what… of course we all went to Ikea… By now our family has the ‘Ikea’s routine’ down like clockwork. Get there early-ish, drop you two off at the play area thingy, that allows your mother and I to have an hour of uninterrupted, totally focused searching time…

A slap on the back for everyone, once again Ikea had the solution to our needs, lol, and it took us less than an hour too, haa haa haa. After walking through the galleries of well designed display areas, for me it was like Odyssey sailing though a school of Sirens, haa haa haa, it was that difficult not to get distracted, lol.

DIY-09853Once the hour bell rang, it was time to pick up you two, and finish the Odyssey tour on the knick-knacks floor, this is by far our favourite section… It’s like walking into a small supermarket only for a bottle of milk and coming out with a kilo of caviar, a whole bunch of wild salmon, a pile of Japanese Wagyu Rib eyes and a couple of crates of 1996 Boerl & Kroff Brut (Drappier) Magnum.

By the time we arrived at the till, both of our huge carts were as good as full, haa haa haa. Putting together the furniture was fantastic… haa haa haa, lego for adults… :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Step One :-)

The team-09731Dear Matt and Mar,

We’ve been toying and discussing with the idea of boarding school for Matt… haa haa haa, surprisingly the person who got really upset was Mar (“I love my brother, and I’ll miss him so much”, tears flowing like monsoon (worthy of an Oscar)).

Unfortunately, my ideal boarding school, which happens to be my first boarding school in England was no longer a boarding school… But there are several others… but it would have been perfect if you could have gone to Skippers Hill too, I’d loved every seconds there.

So, as a first step, a few weeks ago we saw that some of Matt’s friends went to a ‘Self Discovery’ camp, 5 days, 4 nights boarding in Khao Yai, however after the first enquiry all placement was full… but by luck a single place was available. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because Matt will be there without any of his friends… perhaps that is a good thing after all.

Nonetheless, I shall be missing you like crazy, lol.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Little Dancer :-)

Ballet pageDear Matt and Mar,

Mar had so much looking forward to this, and so did your mother, lol. Of course, all the dancers were nothing short of spectacular!

Mercy Centre

Dear Matt and Mar,

For each term, we have to choose ‘you time’ (activities after school) for Matt, so to keep Matt busy we’ve enrolled him literally on every weekday except Wednesday where he has singing class (he has to keep busy whilst Mar has her ballet class, lol). I do try to balance the activities between brain and brawn, but as Matt is now getting older some interesting options had became available.

Mercy Centre PageFor the previous term I had chosen ‘Community Fun and Help’ (not exactly sure of the name lol) as one of Matt’s You Time, hoping to widen your horizon and a chance for you to help the community first hand. For the close of the term, your group was to spend an afternoon at the Mercy Centre, making donation (in your case, you wanted to make 60 bags of fun :-)), helping and playing with the children.

A long time ago, your mother was also a volunteer at the Mercy Centre, she was helping to take care of the AIDS sufferers, feeding and keeping them company, so your mother was over the moon to have heard that Matt was going to the Mercy Centre :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Routine :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the past few weekends we’ve been trying different routine, with a blunt-ish knife you are now helping to make breakfast and on Sunday instead of rushing out in the morning to find things to do, it has turned into swimming time for you and I whilst your mother goes off for a run :-)

Brekky Page

Summer holiday is now in full swing, for the 1st week you’d spent at Bangkok Dolphin camp, we are going to take it slower this week, Matt will be having extra golf and Thai lessons, whilst Mar will join her friend at Happy Chinese :-) Slotted in the week will be spent at British Club sport camp :-), after this week... I have no idea... haa haa haa.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Becoming a flower girl with Barney Bear

Dear Matt and Mar,

A few of weeks ago a close friend of your mother asked her permission for Mar to be a flower girl at her wedding, of course she said yes... lol. The first thing your mother did was to rush out to buy the prettiest white dress for Mar, haa haa haa, and she found one too :-)

001 Flower

002 Flower girl

It was great fun, Matt was a little bored though, but overall was very enjoyable, it also gave your mother to catch up (briefly) with all of her friends, unfortunately we had to rushed off for you two music lessons, I wished we had asked for leave and let your mother have more time with her friends.

003 Flower girl

Mar was all smile, virtually from ear to ear, and she did a brilliant job :-)

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect, this weekend was Mar’s turn to bring home Barney Bear, so there were plenty of photo opportunities to finally be glued into the ‘Bear’ book, haa haa haa.

Barney Morning 2

Barney Afternoon