Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Hangout

Dear Matt and Mar,

When I was studying overseas many, many years ago, just imagine me being a boy at the age of 10 :) there were only 2 ways to communicate with your grandparents, normal 'paper' mail and fixed line phone, both of them were pretty inconvenience.

I still have a pile of mail that my mother had sent me, as for the telephone, in our boarding house the main phone was in our Housemaster's quarters, so each time they call (which was very rarely, probably 3 times a year) our Housemaster (Mr. Bradnock, probably the best housemaster in the Universe) will have to find someone to come and find me and that could take hours... haa haa haa, we were always playing (and probably getting into trouble) outside, so more than often I would have to call back (the phone wasn't even digital :).

Anyway, I am always in the Google-verse (as soon as the OS loads) even at work, so last evening I was at work (working... obviously) and suddenly there was a short text message on Google Hangout, now I have never used Hangout simply because no one I know was on it.

The short message was from a very close University friend, whom I have not seen in over 16 years. Probably 5 seconds after the short text message I realised with one click of a mouse we could be on Google Hangout chatting face to face, and that was exactly what I did, only to be directed to download a plugin. Well that was harmless enough, the plugin took about 10 seconds to load and another 5 sec to install.

With the next try we were on, and as they all say, he hasn't changed a bit... haa haa haa, it was a great way to end a Tuesday... haa haa haa, looking forward to see him again soon :)

Swimsuit issue :)

Dear Matt,

When I say swimsuit issue, I don't mean bikini clad girls, I do literally mean issue with your swimsuit, haa haa haa.

A couple of days ago it was discovered that you have, by some forces of the Universe, lost your school swimsuit. After some effort by your mother and Miss Jo, it was still missing, you were of course very upset but we'd told you it was nothing to cry over about, just don't loose it again (at 1,700 a piece you'd better not loose it again :).

So, today is your swimming day, and everything went according to plan... well not really. Yesterday's afternoon after school, you and your mother went to the school shop to get a new swimsuit, unfortunately she'd forgotten her purse so she told the lady to put the swimsuit aside and I would come to pick it up tomorrow (which is today).

This morning everything went like clockwork, got to the school just as your friends were settling in the classroom, that meant I had to walk with you, right up to your class instead of dropping you off on the ground floor (tell you the truth I like walking you to your class :))

The plan was for me to then rush quickly to the shop, pay and drop off the swimsuit back to you in your class. Being totally on the ball, I'd even have a permanent marker on me to write your name on the new suit :)

So after all that I'd run (wobble) back to you just as the classroom door was closing... You were at the back of the class and as I was arriving at the door, you looked up at me with a grin, I immediately knew something was up... The grin slowly turned into a huge smile and you were skipping instead of walking... and that worried me even more... haa haa haa.

"Papa, look I've found my swimsuit"... I could only manage a "Oh great... and now you have two swimsuits to loose" haa haa haa. If I'd only waited for 2 seconds when I'd drop you off... haa haa haa. Of course there was no way to return the new swimsuit, now that there is a huge 'Matt - Panop' written in permanent black ink inside the collar... At least your mother was cleaver enough to buy the new swimsuit a size bigger, so this one should last you a while... haa haa haa, unless you manage to loose it again :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

So far away :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Here is the new family car, your mother and I decided to get rid of the Yaris (a whole lot of not so pleasant back story here), and replaced it with the H1. We have talked for a while about getting a van with more seats, the Fortuner (we are still holding on to this one) is great for 4 of us with lots of stuff, but when we needed less carrying space and more seats Fortuner just didn't fit the bill.

So it was a no brainer which brand and model to get, to me it is by far the most value for money right now for this category, ok, no more boring stuff. Yesterday, I drove it from the dealer straight to Matt's school because that was where you two were hanging out (at around four in the afternoon).

As expected you two were captivated by the dvd player, it will certainly keep you two entertain on long trips :) Matt decided his seat was the furthest one from the front, haa haa haa, somehow I was not surprised. Mar was running around like a headless chicken, keeping her still on long trips would be challenging :) but I think your mother has it under control.

From SHB back home, Mar went with your mother and Matt and I drove in the van, and of course Matt sat at the back. While at the red light I took a quick snap and realised he was really very far away :) with no seat belt... I'll definitely needed to be tougher on you with the seat belt from now on :)

I am not the best driver in the world, and going forward I was doing pretty well, but backing it... I was doing as well as a monkey trying to fry an egg using its left hand (assuming he was right handed). But I am having fun and the most important thing of all, your mother likes it :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Singing and Dancing

Dear Matt and Mar,

I haven’t got a clue what this was, at first I’d expected the usual, you know, Matt and his friends on the stage singing their heart out. But it wasn’t… we were in fact invited to watch Matt, watching a performance of this group from the UK. Well, it wasn’t a performance as such, because it was obvious all the kids have been taught the songs and the steps (dance) that accompanied each song.

It was fun to see all the children dancing and singing along to the performance, Matt kept looking back at us, waving and telling all his friends where his parents were :) it was worth skiving the morning off just to see him smile knowing that we were not far behind him.

Mar also skived off that morning, and in a way had more fun than the whole room added together :) like a nerdy girl at a party, dancing all alone at the back of the hall, haa haa haa.


DSC00656_stitch the hall-Edit

Thursday, November 7, 2013

2 today :)

Dearest Mar,

Happy Birthday to youuuu, Happy Birthday too youuuu, Happy Birthday dear Marcella, Happy Birthday tooooo yooouuuuuu :).

I don’t have time to download the pics I’ve taken today, will try to post it within next week :) it will be mostly of you eating cakes… haa haa haa.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shower Time :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Through Google+'s feed, I’d come across a two minute video called “Dear Mr. Watterson”, a documentary on the comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and their creator (Mr. Watterson).

There are two comic strips that I can not recommend to you two enough, ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ and ‘The Far Side’, these two will definitely still be around (as in not forgotten) when you are old enough to appreciate them, and I hope you’ll like them as much as I do (the Far Side: Inconvenience Stores is one of my personal favourite :) Anyway, can not wait to see the documentary.

Calvin-hobbesOf course, reading Calvin & Hobbes is just like eating salt & vinegar crisps, one is never enough, in fact one hundred is not even enough and only a heart attack could stop you :) So after seeing the trailer of ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’, I must have spent the next 20 minutes jumping from strip to strip, then I came across this one.

This is literally how we are with Mar when she is in one of her ‘no shower’ mood, haa haa haa. You would have thought getting a shirt off an almost 2 year old little girl would be easy… as easy as kicking a heroine addiction.

Honestly sometimes I think I was wrestling with the mini Incredible Hulk :) her grip would put The Terminator’s to shame, lol. And the scream… wow… the scream was earth shattering, but the most painful thing of all was her stare… sad enough to melt the Snow Queen’s heart. Your mother have devised a couple of cunning plans… plan A was to entice you into having a shower using a small carton of orange juice… so I now have many pictures of you all soapy in the shower, holding and drinking a small carton or orange juice with a straw (don’t forget to come and ask me to show them to you two).

Plan B was simply to fill up a baby bath and let you play with it in the shower, but this doesn’t always work, it was only effective when Matt was just about to have a shower too.

So please go out and look for these two classic comic strip, and while you are there don’t forget to search for ‘Doraemon’ and ‘Cobra’ too (these are Japanese comics, may be you should wait until you are about 18 to read ‘Cobra’, haa haa haa), I promise they will grip you harder than Mar’s grip on her tiny t-shirt when she didn’t want the shower :)