Monday, September 23, 2013

Experimenting :)

Dear Matt,

Every Friday you were given a chance to bring in your favourite toy, to play and share with your friends at school, and for the past couple of times you have taken your jigsaw puzzle, however for last Friday I’d asked that you take your camera instead, of which you were than willing to comply.

I have just taken out your SD card and downloaded everything into Lightroom, surprisingly there were quite a few photos to say the least, I believe the oldest photo was from mid August :)

Experimenting-01293Anyway, I’d decided just to concentrate on the set that you took last Friday, most of them were of your friends playing around, of course I can’t post any of them without their parents’ permission. But this one caught my eye.

Your handing of the camera is now much better, considering I’d bought this for you at the age of two and a bit (or a just a little later), it may be was just a little too early, but at least I got you to familiarise yourself with a camera (although then, your tiny index finger could not reach the shutter button, but you did improvise by using the middle finger).

I think for this one, you were trying to photograph the water droplets on the glass :) experimenting and having fun is what it’s all about :) lol. Can’t wait to show you, your collection :) Perhaps it is time to introduce you how to use Lightroom and the joy of raw files… haa haa haa haa haa.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I made it Mar :)

Made it to school-20130919082523903Dear Mar,

Everything just felt into place, firstly, I was called to a meeting near our home at 10:00 so it made no logical sense to firstly go into the office. Secondly, the traffic was amazingly light so I made it back home (after dropping Matt off) just a little before eight, but looking at the car park, you and your mother had already left for Noddy.

Got back to the apartment as soon as I could, grabbed the rucksack and rushed downstairs then outside, where luckily a motorcycle taxi was sitting and waiting for its next customer (me). By this time the traffic had already picked up, but it made no difference to me.

I knew I would catch you and your mother up half way to Noddy, as the motorcycle shot by, I turned and gave a huge wave to the front windscreen, having no idea if you mother saw me or not as all I could see was the reflection of the sky, and it was a beautiful day.

You were all smiles at school, what a brilliant start to a fun filled day, and the meeting went well too :)

I think it was a couple of weeks ago, your mother sent me these photos, you and one of your friends were chosen to raised the flag and lead in the ‘Good Morning’ song, I am still wondering could that have been the least successful ‘Good Morning’ rendition ever :) considering that all you can say was, Na (No), Top (Stop) and Toe (Go), let alone ‘good morning’, haa haa haa (kidding baby).

Made it to school-1379382755570Made it to school-1379383190716

By the way, you have started to call yourself “Mar”, and so it will be baby :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You are old Papa :)

Out of the blue...

Matt:   "I am young Papa, I am only five years old"
Me:     "Yes you are baby, you are very young"
Matt:   "You are old Papa, you are 28"
Me:     lol...

How I wish I was 28, haa haa haa haa haa.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Project :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Now that 18% of the fridge is now covered, I think I am getting the hang of this printing thing.

Physical photos will always have a place, and for us, they are on the fridge, lol. Certainly a highlight for my parents when they visit :) Just like a bulleting board of the past, haa haa haa.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nothing but Smiles :)

Dear Mar,

I am sorry for not being there for your first day at school, but it was impossible to drive across from SHB to Noddy and to be in time for your assembly :) perhaps a small investment in a two person helicopter should be made, lol.


Your mother had complied with my request of taking as many photos as she can (there must be one good one in that lot, lol, let hopes she doesn’t read this post), and as it turned out many of the photos she took were absolutely priceless :)

She suggested that we swap role, where she will drop Matt off and I take you to school, wow can’t wait for that.

Your teacher’s (that your mother and I was already familiar, she was the same one who looked after Matt about three years ago) feedback was encouraging, not too many tears in your first week :) and that you have settled in smoothly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Dear Matt and Mar,

Just a quick word to let you know that P’Pui had decided to leave to explore other opportunities, she had been helping us out since Matt was born (that was why we hired her in the first place), your mother met her while she was working at Nok Air :)

I am sure things will be a little difficult at first, but soon everything will be back in place, :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Myanmar is indeed Mystical :)

Dear Matt and March,

I’ve just got back from Myanmar today (it will probably be ‘yesterday’ by the time this is posted), Yangon was beautiful and extremely charming, and best of all the people were super nice. This was another business trip, it was only for one night, and the first meeting took place literally 30 minutes after we had stepped off the plane, haa haa haa.

The only free time we had was the morning of the second day (to be more precise, very early morning, in fact it was so early the moon was still visible when I got up), and that still only gave us an hour before our first meeting. There was only one place that could get me up that early (no, not the breakfast room, lol), Shwedagon Zedi Daw, as a Buddhist this was pretty special.

An hour was just barely enough, even Lara Croft would have found it difficult the explore this fantastic place in a hour (and she will have to cover up her arms and legs too :). We could have easily spent a couple of hours here, but an hour was all we had, so we did the important stuff, and will leave the exploring for next time.

As both of you were born on a Monday, I’d stopped by the Monday Angle (not sure what type of a divine being that was), and a Buddha’s image (not sure here either, lol). I’d simply followed the others Myanmaese (or is it still Burmese, or is it just ‘people of Myanmar’, lol), anyway, the ritual was to use a small bowl to pour water from the basin that sat at the front, on to a small golden stone Chinese style lion, then onto the Buddha image, then onto the Angle, then finally onto the post behind. Of course I’d picked up 2 small tin bowl at the same time, one for Matt and one for Mar :) as there was quite a queue and I didn’t want to hold up the traffic :)

To me what made it really special was the people with unquestionable devotion, something I have not seen in quite a long time.





























Stitch-09563_stitch full-Edit png


I hate to crop this type of panorama stitch photo, somehow the cropped version always leave me unsatisfied, lol. Anyway, so it was a pretty fantastic start to the morning :) and totally worth it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School 2013

Dear Matt and Marcella,

September is now upon us, and Matt's first day at school was semi-stressful as usual, lol. As mentioned earlier Matt had already missed the first two days of term, hang on, let me go back to the week before Matt's school had started, and I am going to call it ‘Hospital week’.

It was the stomach virus to begin with, and as soon as Matt was improving, he work up with an inflammatory left eyelid (looking like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back who had also just gone a couple of round with Mr. Tyson). We’d waited a day hoping it would go down, of course it didn't, so it was another trip to the hospital. It turned out to be a result of an allergy, there was no redness to the actual eye so the prescription was nothing more than a couple bottles of Histan (and it did do the trick).

SONY DSCSo on his very first day of school, Matt's stomach was still very fragile and his left eyelid was as large as beach umbrella, lol, now you two can understand why your mother and I were a bit semi-stress through out the day.

However it will be Marcella’s huge day tomorrow, her first day at School, and I can not believe I am not going to be there. Matt walks up to his class around 07:30, but driving from there to Mar’s school will take at least an hour… But don’t worry, I’ll ask your mother to take loads of photos :)

The photo is of Matt helping Mar taking off her shoes, well Mar just sat there and Matt does all the work, just like how a big brother should, lol, he is becoming a real helper around the house :). I am an only child and to see you two helping each other out is something quite special :).