Friday, June 28, 2013

Good old London :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

The flight over was an interesting one, it was the first time I've flown on Eva Air, the service was brilliant but the turbulence certainly added spice to the flight :) haven't had to lift up the glass due to the turbulence for a very long time :)

It was almost 21:00 by the time we'd left Heathrow, so the day was pretty much over. We are staying at the Hyatt Churchill, not that I have a clue which part of London that is, through out the large chunk of my life living in the UK you can count on one hand of all the time I'd visited London :) I know Shanghai better than London :)

The jet lag was kicking in, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I'd decided to have a walkabout, it turns out Selfridge is just around the corner, so we must be in a good part of the city, I think :)

(Blogger on Android, wishing it was possible to place better position for the photos :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off again :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Well I am off again, travelling about half way around the world this time. But it's a short trip, by the time you two realised I was away, I'll be back again to nag the both of you :)

A lot is riding on this long but short (haa haa, long for the distance but short on time, lol) trip, hopefully it will be a success, wish me luck :)

(wrote this on Android Blogger :) hope it looks alright)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prometheus, the next chapters :)

Just sat through Prometheus for the n-th time, when I really should already have my head on a nice soft pillow.

Visually it was mesmerising, the soundtracks were haunting (which was perfect), the acting was top class and the plot was... I can only assume, ‘kept perplexed’ on purpose.

Got this from

Soon after the movie was released (May 2012) there were several questions on so many topics regarding Prometheus (and all of them have been discussed to death, lol), here is just another 2 cents worth on why the Engineers wanted to put those black goo on earth, and I am sure I am not the first one to think of this.


  • The Engineers’ race may or may not be under a long hard fought war, and needed a new fantastic offensive weapon
  • They created/stole/discovered the ‘Black Goo’ that can create different kind of bio weaponries
  • But the ‘Black Goo’ alone isn’t enough, they also needed ‘living beings’ as the hosts for the ‘Black Goo’
  • Instead of using themselves as hosts, the Engineers created us humans (created life) as host subjects for the Black Goo (I can only assume the black goo would have worked with animals as well)
  • The Engineers then waited thousands of years for (some of) us to turn into human (well ‘thousands of years’ could be like a year for the Engineers) before delivering the pods (of black goo) to earth (plot of the movie) so that the Black Goo with the hosts (human) can turn into a deadly bio weapon
  • The Engineers will then harvest the bio weapons and use it against their enemies


Another train of thought

  1. Perhaps they didn’t intend to use the Black Goo on humans, but instead they wanted to use the Black Goo on earth ‘way way way’ before evolution turns us into human, meaning, they intended to use the Black Goo on animals (as a test or creating weapons, or whatever).
  2. But then there was a breach on LV-223, meaning they could not come to earth (abandon project by the Engineers), the thousand/million of years have past, human came into being… but their plan did not change…


Then there is this one

  • It’s nothing but one huge experiment for The Engineers .
  • The needed subjects to test their bio-weaponry, just like breeding ‘lab rats’, we the human are their lab rats.
  • That was why they created us, then (plot of the movie) the Engineers was enroute to put the pods (of black goo) on earth.
  • So the Engineers were not actually trying to destroy humans, just using us as an experiment to gain the ultimate weapon


No idea if there will ever be a Prometheus 2, if there was, the plot needs to be an amazing one, I am afraid if the plot was weak, there will be so many complaints that people will break the Internet, haa haa haa, and I don’t want the Internet to be broken :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why are you here, Galaxy NX :)

Nex 6 vs Galaxy NX

Galaxy NX, why did you show up, it had taken me a millennia to finally stop waving and know which would be my next camera, actually to be very frank it had always been the Nikon D4 but that was without the consideration of having to sell my first-born to get it.

Once one had added the monetary aspects into the equation, the choices were still plentiful. Canon was the first to go (as always), the rounds between Nikon and Sony were pretty close, my current system is the 'ancient' NEX 5, so the referees were openly biased toward Sony, especially the NEX.

The A99 had me hooked for a long while, what a beautiful gal she is... alas just a tad too much. A77 aka ‘The Pixel Muncher’ meant I’ll be buying hard disk as a full time job and the same goes for NEX 7. At the end, NEX 6 finally came through the finishing line first :) but I am still pining for NEX 7’s ergonomics though (so many lovely buttons and dials) lol.

Then yesterday, out of nowhere, out pop the Galaxy NX... still waiting for some in depth hands on review but on paper it looks so interesting, in its essence it is a high quality APS-C camera with Samsung Galaxy S4 morphed into it, abide no phone though :) My main concern is the speed of autofocus, if it passes then the deciding factor will be the price.

One last thing though, you can put in a micro sim to add connectivity to the camera, and I know this is a ridiculous thought, but why can’t they just add in the phone module? I can not see myself purchasing another sim just for this camera, no matter how ridiculous it looks but I would have no problem making calls with the camera, considering that I make about 3 calls a year anyway.

(The above side by side comparison came from, click on the pic to go direct to the comparison)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Messy Hair :)

Dear Marcella,

What a messy hair!!! :) Last week we were invited to see what Matt and his friends have learnt from their swimming lessons.

To be frank, for each exercise Matt’s only concern was to be the first to reach the other side, so the leg kicking and side swimming technique went out of the window :) Soon it will be his summer break and we promised to be a little tough on him on these swimming exercises… ohhhh there should be a few tears (kidding na).

We were told to watch from a balcony high above the pool, which was way beyond my lens capability, but managed to get this shot of you though, it just reminded me of a very old cliché, ‘oh boy, you are growing up fast’… I just wish time could slow down just a little.

Love you.

Us :)

Good old comic :)

Beano Time CBFDear Matt,

We have been restricting your time on the iPad, almost none on weekdays and some at the weekends. So every time we offered the iPad to you, you have never once refused, it’s like offering ‘cookies’ to the Cookie Monster, haa haa haa.

This morning you were such a good boy, showered and dressed on time and without a fuss, and with your mother being away (you told me after you’ve just woken up that you’d wished ‘Mama was here with us’), so I’ve decided to offer you the iPad on our short drive to school, but you said ‘no thanks’… :)

Instead you wanted your Beano, lol, and during the 20 minutes or so drive, I didn’t hear a peep from you :) I’d guess Beano was doing something right :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Coming off the bench :)

in the qDear Matt and Marcella,

Your mother will be travelling to Vietnam this coming Wednesday (back on Friday), this of course will allow me to come off the bench haa haa haa haa haa. It was a bit of a surprise, but good for her though.

There is also a chance that I’ll be off to the UK at the end of this month, but that will once again depends if I can get the Visa in time. Unfortunately having discovered that my passport’s validity is less than 6 months (which in reality means my passport is totally useless) meant this morning I had to rushed across the city to get a new passport, the whole process was way too professional and smooth than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve been instructed to pick up my new passport on Wednesday, that leaves me with less than ten days to get a UK Visa, I just want to laugh out loud... I don’t think I am going to make it, but will try anyway :)

A promise kept :)

Dear Matthias and Marcella,

We've been to Asiatique a couple of times now, and on both occasions we’ve managed to miss out on the Ferris wheel ride... ‘the queue was too long’, ‘it was getting late’ and so on. Matt was pretty upset that twice he wasn't able to go on the ride, and so we promised him that next time, the first thing we would do was to go up the Ferris Wheel before we do anything else, lol.

Today (16th) everything was running a bit late, lunch didn't happen until way gone one, so it was natural to skip March's Gymboree class and find something fun to do. By two o’clock-ish we were scratching our heads, your mother mentioned Asiatique and an old debt came to mind :)

At 15:00 Asiatique was just stirring and not everything was open, it is more of a night bazaar kind of a place. After talking to some staff by the Ferris wheel, we shall have to come back in about an hour when they open. After a quick walkabout, a coffee, and two huge pieces of cake later, we headed back to the Ferris wheel.

Into the Pod page

Matt was giddy with anticipation :) Marcella was just going along for the ride so to speak, haa haa haa (250 THB for adult and 150 for children). Their operation was very professional, they took care of the pram and soon we were ushered into an air conditioned pod (does one call it a pod?).

I think it went for about 6 cycles, and we enjoyed every seconds of it, there was also a pause during one of the cycle for us to enjoy the view.

After the ride we took a walk around the place and it was obvious that you two were feeling the full effect of the heat, so we took a short break for some cold drinks, then Matt decided he wanted a boat ride, there was a 10 minutes free boat service from Asiatique to Sathorn port.

The boat-07707_stitch

We went through several scenarios, Mum and March drive the car home while Matt and I take the boat then a taxi home from Sathorn; all of us take the boat to Sathorn, then you lot take a taxi home while I take the boat back to get the car, etc, etc.

As it turned out, the easiest solution won, all of us took the boat there and back... haa haa haa, March was extra quiet (her first time on river boat), Matt was a little miffed that the boat was going so slowly, lol.

It was a pretty fun filled afternoon, luckily the rain managed to hold up, the searing hot sun was blocked by the overcast sky, the wind was light and breezy, but the humidity was something of a challenge for the both of you :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

SSoHPKC, The Last Of Us gameplay

The last of usDear Matthias and Marcella,

The last time I’ve played a VDO game Moses was just parting the red sea… seriously the last time a gamepad was in my hands Matt was still sleeping inside his mother, so that would be around 5 years ago.

I don’t often subscribe to Youtube channels, but if one is into gaming and enjoy watching gameplay from the beginning to the end, I am sure there are many options out there to subscribe to, but I’ve chosen to SSoHPKC to be my guide (in the comment section people refer to him as Sheamus). /NOTE/ his commentary can be rather colourful, so be warned.

The ‘Last of Us’ (pics and clips) have been flying around the net for several months now, and recently it had been released. I’d bought the original PlayStation so that I could play ‘Tomb Raider’, I was thinking of getting PS3 just for this game :) but common sense came through… might as well wait for the PS4 haa haa haa, and also for hell to freezes over because your mother will never say yes :)

And so far, from the first two VDOs SSoHPKC had posted I can understand why various ‘authorities’ have given great praises for this release. Can not wait to see #3.


SSoHPKC: The last of us #1


SSoHPKC: The last of us #2

Saturday, June 15, 2013

According to plan :)

Dear Matthias and Marcella,

This Saturday is going swimmingly (touch wood), even John ‘Hannibal’ Smith would have been proud :) Matt felt asleep as soon as we got in the car, and by 15:40 we were home (as predicted) to find March on high spirit and your mother pretty much tired out, haa haa haa.

Not wanting March to be bored, your mother has taken her out to the Gardeners, and probably to some place else after that.

sleep tight CEFYou are now snoring away next door, so I now have a bit of time on my hand, to quickly jot down a few words for this post :)

Looks like nothing much will happen this evening, probably early bath for the both of you then supper and some play time before bed :) Another full day over (phew), tomorrow will be just the same :)

Typical Saturday :)

SaturdayDear Matt and Marcella,

You two are now in your respective Brain School class, March should be finishing around ten and Matt around ten thirty; your mother is busy with her committee meeting until noon and your auntie is teaching so that leaves yours truly to be the logistic master for this morning.

So here is the plan, last sip of my Americano at SB by 09:55 that should allow me to arrive at March’s class by 10:00. Allow 10 minutes to be debriefed by your teacher, another 10 minutes to walk home, so by 10:25 March should already be on the sofa downing her first bottle of milk :). Hopefully by then your auntie should be back to take care of March while I rush back to Brain School to pick up Matt.

Allowing for the same amount of time for Matt, thus Matt and I  should be back home by 10:50, but by then March should be fast asleep (hopefully until around noon), that would allow your aunt to nip out to get your lunch while I look after Matt.

By 10:55  Matt must already be drinking his milk, and based on average drinking time  he should be done by 11:05, after which entertainment :) will be offered, this being a Saturday :) Your auntie should easily be back by 11:15 with lunch.

Lunch for you two should start by 12:00 at the very latest, as Matt has to be out again by 13:00 for his Piano then Clayworks lessons (Saturday’s traffic is getting worse and worse). Your mother should be back by the time Matt and I leave, she will then probably take March to the Gardeners :).

Piano and Clayworks will take an hour and a half, another 15 minutes to hang around, 25 more minutes to drive home. By the time we arrive home at 15:45 Matt could be asleep or still awake, the ‘awake’ plan meant snack and perhaps more entertainment :), ‘sleep’ plan is me drinking more coffee and just zombie out, haa haa haa.

I’ll leave the evening’s plan for your mother to decide... eat out, eat in, early bath, swim, shopping? haa haa haa.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Not a single drop

Dear Matt and Marcella,

It has been about 14 years since BTS (Sky Train) have been in service, originally it was rather a one dimensional service (up and down Sukhumvit and Silom road). Through out the years BTS coverage has grown and is still growing, together with MRT and its expansion, travelling around BKK have never been so easy :)

I think by the time you two are old enough to be let out by yourselves, not a single drop of rain nor a single ray of sunshine will touch the ground :) the sky tracks and sky walkways should by then cover every inch of sky around the center of BKK :)

Not a bad thing really, considering by then the green house effect should be in high gear, sunshine would be the last thing on the list one would want to come in contact with, well, apart from the acid rain that is, haa haa haa.

So the permanent overhead protection would be very welcome in deed :)

Little Gym time :)

Dear Marcella,

The down pour started early yesterday, by twelve forty five you could have drown by just walking to the local store, lol. So off we went for your weekly exercise at Little Gym, usually I would just drop you off and head home, but yesterday was raining so hard, there was no way I was going to let you and your auntie fight your way through the rain just to get to a taxi.

So I hung around, bought a new pair of socks and joined your class (socks were mandatory), Little Gym is more physical than Gymboree, well, nothing unexpected there :) and for me lots more entertaining, haa haa haa. To have seen you jumped, climbed, rolled, tumbled, pushed, fell, ran, flipped, stretched plus loads and loads of laughter was an hour well spent, haa haa haa.

The flip

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water of Life :)

Dear Matt,

This side of half term performance was ‘Water of Life’ (happened yesterday), the whole of EY2 were involved, each class had to perform their own set, but the whole story tied each performance together, into one coherent jumble of joy, haa haa haa.

You, of course were excellent (as were all your friends too), hee hee, you gave it your all again, shouting seems to be your thing so please remind me not to buy a karaoke machine for you, ever :) Apparently this was the first time any of you have performed on stage, it must have been daunting to have all those eyes staring at you all :) but all of you performed brilliantly.

The theme for your class (EY2CF) was Sailing on the sea (or something along that line :p), so all of you were dressed as sailors, great costume (thanks to Paula, ‘leader’ of the parents for our class), she even wanted to get you all a hat each, but couldn’t find any suitable ones, and if she couldn’t find any, no one can :)

Your class performance starts with you announcing ‘All abroad the big ship’… haa haa haa, it was loud enough your long lost second cousin in China of the fifth parallel universe could have heard you loud and clear :)

I am not comfortable posting pictures of your friends, it wouldn’t be right without your friends’ parents permission :) so here is just the one of you. All I wanted was a smile… and all I got was ‘it’s going to be ‘sticking out my tongue’ kind of a morning, Dad’, lol.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just add water… Instant Traffic

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Today’s society is really all about convenience at speed, lol, all that was thrown out of the window this evening with the arrival of the first proper down pour :)

I was stuck on a bus, now a non air-con thai bus in the rain means all windows were closed, no ventilation, add to this shoulder to shoulder sardine scenario and sprinkle it with unbearable humidity… worst of all a journey that usually took 20 minutes on a good day became 2 hours this evening. I’d just imagine I was in a sauna, lol.

These three photos were taken at one cross road in Siam (it was already around eight o’clock), looks like a long night ahead for most of them… been there, done that and trust me, not a very pretty experience.

Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be :)

Dear Marcella and Matt,

Only last month I had managed to smashed the screen of my new mobile phone, the repair cost was approximately quarter of the original phone price, not cheap :) (see earlier post). evening, as my phone tumbled away from me, I took it with a kind of serenity and peacefulness, not a single swear word was uttered, it wasn’t so much of an anger but more of a ‘Why me’ kind of a feeling :) (well, at least I know now where to get it fixed and the exact costs).

Imaging this evening, it was raining hard, the monsoon has truly arrived. I was on the number 8 bus and it was coming up to a bus stop. I stood up, not to get out at this stop but for the one after (preparation is the key to not getting trodden on), as I was positioning myself towards the door, something black ‘jumped’ from my waist hit my toe, tumble down a couple of steps and rushed out onto the road, in the pouring rain.

I looked, originally thinking it was my little umbrella, the after squinting my eyes I realised it was the bloomin phone :) with disregards to any health and safety act, I jumped off the bus as it was just moving forward, people on the bus was shouting to the driver to stop!!! Picked up the phone and jumped back on the bus, then announce to everyone that the phone was alright.

Now why did I announce to the whole bus that the phone was still working, I don’t really have a clue, perhaps it was just a reflex action to safe face, haa haa haa. To have all those people shouting to the driver to stop the bus was already bad enough, lol, but again can not thank you them enough.

After getting of the bus it was natural to give the mobile a once over… it was ok, couldn’t find a scratch, then quickly realised the stylus went AWOL, more ka-ching for Samsung :)

I am old enough to have gone through owning at least 10 mobile phones, and none of them have never ever been this exciting… lol perhaps it wasn’t meant to be… naaaahhhh :)

So many of you :)

Dear Marcella,

I know proper printing is a skill that involves multi level discipline, from calibration of the screen, tweaking lightroom and printer’s settings through to choosing the appropriate printer and paper.

Personally, I was looking to make a ‘Hamburger’ rather than a ‘Muenster Cheese Soufflé with Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Salad’… but somehow along the way, my hamburger is turning out to be a very complicated savory soufflé, luckily the senses kicked in… and my mantra became ‘that’s good enough’ :)

That is why we now have about half a dozen printed photos of you sitting in your car seat, haa haa haa haa haa.

So many fickly things, margin settings, compensation for this and that, don’t forget the correct colour profile, and please have consideration for the management of your thingymajic… Most important of all, never forget to cross your fingers and pray to Printwellheus, Greek God of correct printing, before finally pressing print :)

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love it, and at the same time, totally suck at it haa haa haa, how can the quality of one’s printing consistently goes down hill with each print, lol, that’s why I gave up because if I carried on your print will be nothing but a black 4 x 6… lol

Looking forward to do one of Matt now :) Perhaps I should stock up on paper and ink, haa haa haa.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Public Buses in Bangkok

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Public buses in Bangkok is truly a game of chance, as I  am typing away this post from a bus stop at 19:45, it has already been more than 45 minutes, hoping the next one will have my number on it. 48 is turning out to be a mystical creature, does it even exist? People have seen it… I have seen it, but was it fog in my eyes or was it real, is the Loch Ness monster real?

One by one my comrades is falling by the wayside, many by taxi and by tuk-tuk, some even walked and all of them wore the same expression of ‘predictable disappointment’.

bus stop f bIt is hard for me to leave, the slot machine syndrome is fully kicking in; just one more go, the next spin all my numbers would align and the jackpot (no matter how small) will be mine, stubborn to the n-th degree :) the next bus will be the glorious 48.

The sensible solution is a simple one, all I have to do was to walk to the next bus stop (less than eight minutes away), because it was beyond the cross roads, more buses will pass… but the next bus will surely be 48... please be 48, but it never is.

I am now the last person holding the fort, it is way beyond stupidity now, so putting right foot ahead of the left, and the left ahead of the right, my looser march towards the next bus stop had begun, and just like a bad movie, not long after my march, the mystical 48 rolled by... empty.

If I could say @#&$ in 32 languages I would have said them all. Empty it certainly was, was there even a bus driver? The legend lives on.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mandarin Boy, Nan Mee Language Academy

entranceNan MeeDear Matt,

We were looking at something to keep you occupied on Sundays, quite a well known Chinese language school was no more than 15 minutes from our home (on recommendations by various parents from SHB). Nan Mee is very well known for being a Chinese family business selling / exporting stationery and Chinese books.




Their Nan Mee Language Academy sits on the 4th floor of their head quarter, the school itself consists of 9 classrooms. One of the main reason we'd pretty much enrolled you straight away was because of the cleanliness, a fun curriculum and professionally managed facilities, as well as using Chinese teachers. In simple words we didn’t have a clue, but the head took time to explain everything.

The view


One can choose private tuition or class based curriculum, because you are more monkey than human, the class format was more suitable. With a maximum of 10 to a class it was just the right size, and your lou-sue (teacher) looked kind and attentive.

It has been a few months since your initial class, and you have taken to it like duck to water, as well as making a couple of new friends :) At first I wasn't sure if you were picking up any Chinese or not, but last week during the break, your lou-sue came out and did an individual oral examination...

I was on the edge of my seat, haa haa haa haa haa. 10 characters were shown to you one by one, you read 9 of them perfectly, the last one (water) was a bit of a struggle, but you came through :)

all smilesI was convince you were reading the small English transcript, lol, perhaps not, I do totally give you full credit for reading all of them though... :) well done :)

People say if you know a thousand words, you can pretty much get by, from what I could gathered from you and from your textbooks, each lesson you would learn (in a fun way judging from what I could see) a couple or a few words.

This is just as well because your mother is helping you with your piano lessons, and it is my job to follow up your Chinese classes, learning by proxy for your mother and I :) lol.

Soon Marcella will be joining you, that should bring another level of fun to the equation, haa haa haa haa haa.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The great printer hunt… :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

The burglar(s) took my beloved side-kick a few years ago, it was a dedicated small photo printer (Sony) and from then on I’ve been using one of those quick and very cheap printing services that are dotted around BKK, and never once was I happy with the results.

Time to look for a printer, after reading through various forums (mostly Thai’s) and a little research, the winner for me was a very predictable ‘Canon’ who should be sitting on my desk right now, but it isn’t.

Although, people on most threads of the various forums were actually recommending Epson over Canon, people were saying Canon’s materials were a bit cheap and the colours weren’t as nice as Epson’s palettes, although Canon’s print speed should be faster (by the way, just found out that printing speed is no longer measured by ‘Page Per Minute’ but instead by ‘Image Per Minute’).

But some of the Epson’s specs looked a little short when compared to the latest Canon’s models, so going against the grain, Canon… it will be for me... or so I’d thought.

I had a meeting this afternoon at True Tower, which was very near Fortune, in my opinion it is only second to Pantip for all things IT. My mind was set on the spanking new, just released Canon MG5470 (around 5,xxx THB), and so the action plan was clear, no diddling around, in with the credit card and out with the printer...

It wasn’t that simple, not a single shop had it in stock... OK, I was in no hurry, I could come back in a couple of days and pick it up... Well that was what I should have done... but instead I’d foolishly walked around… should have gone home, really should have gone home.

Walked over to some Epson units on display and saw the Epson L335 with a factory external ink tank installed (7,xxx THB), it was looking sweeter and sweeter each time I walked past.

Senses kicked in… Why on earth would I need an ink tank? To print 3 photos a month? Suddenly my mind was  back on the MG5470 once more... I should have gone home then...

Then I’d noticed the simple Epson ME 301 (3,xxx THB) the main question in my mind was, do I really need MG5470? Of course the answer was no, I do want a decent printed photo but it doesn’t have to be art gallery’s quality. There was no Epson sales person around, so I talked to a HP guy... after his demonstration and sales pitch... (I should have gone home...)... wow the HP 6525 (5,9xx THB) looked fantastic, it even has a touch screen (haa haa haa).

After reading some review on the web, HP was looking pretty good, and this was a brand new model… My hands reached for the credit card… but by that time the HP guy was taking care of another customer, her main need was to print from her iPad, and his demonstration was simply first class, he knows the product like I know my lunch.

But the demonstration was taking a little too long, she was definitely going to buy it and so I can’t blame him for taking care of her. But this gave me time… Do I need to print on both side? Do I need the touch screen? Do I need HP 6525?

Quicker than Atom Ant running a hundred metre, I called another sales person over (I believe she had a Samsung shirt on), pointed to the ME 301 and said ‘as quick as you can’ :) (I didn’t really).

Also bought some photo paper, and that took as long as choosing the printer, lol, how many mg 100, 80 or even 200? Glossy, half and half, matte, super matte, super glossy, arse shining glossy? water resistant?… yes, yes, yes… just give me paper… haa haa haa haa haa.

After paying the money, the ‘quality’ guy checked my ME 301 to ensure that every thing was running properly, but he clearly didn’t know the product, he kept pushing various buttons expecting a colour chart to appear, until my HP guy who was by this time was checking the sold 6525 (to the same lady) turned around and told my guy that one can not simply print out a colour chart by pushing buttons… lol.

PrinterI’d though setting this thing up was going to be a nightmare, but it took less than 10 minutes to print my first photo, the instruction was clear and concise, just install the driver disc and follow each step, nothing unexpected happened, and that was a good sign. 

The best thing was my ME 301 was on a special campaign, so the price had dropped to 2,9xx THB… :) it was fun, but a little too long, went into Fortune at around 17:30 came out at about 20:00… haa haa haa, never again.

So far I am happy with the printer, well, my expectation wasn’t very high to begin with, lol, it prints, scans and copy well enough, what else does one want? :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun Run 2013

Dear Matt and Marcella,

How can we sum up this morning Fun Run, eeerrrrmmmm… I have more photos of Matt and March eating an ice lolly than of Matt (or your mother) running. In actual fact, I don’t have any pic of Matt (nor your mother) running at all :)

On the positive side, I do have several good photos of your friends and their parents running, and some of them I don’t even know, haa haa haa.

Fun run 2013 page 2At the beginning after saying goodbye to Matt and your mother at the starting line, and from that moment on I didn’t see you two again until it was all over, lol.

In fact it was Matt who called out to me and by that time he had already ran past heading towards the finishing line, not long after that, your mother (with an extremely worried face, which she made me delete all photos of it (but one, haa haa haa)). She was worried because she had also lost sight of you not long after the race had started.

Apparently you took this running much more serious than either of us had anticipated, good for you :) it is a shame that they don’t seem to play rugby at this school.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zombie on the brain :)

Dear Matt and March,

Everything seems to be all about zombies at the moment. The book in my hands are ‘The Essential Max Brooks’, aka The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. I am about a third through the survival guide, the more I read the more I want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, lol, where the hell I am going to get a semi automatic rifle? lol.

Last week Matt and I saw Robin Hood in one of his books, the conversation went something like this…

  Me:    Matt krub, do you know who is Robin Hood?
  Matt: Of course Papa, he shoots arrows.
  Me:    Very Good…
  Matt: He shoots arrows at all the Zombies Papa (laugh)

I think all of this zombie business started from ‘Plants Vs Zombies’… wow, it’s just like a black hole for time… all those hours disappearing… haa haa haa haa haa.

Once Matt saw this he just had to be a zombie… now where is my primary weapon, where is my M1 Carbine, haa haa haa lol.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another overhaul :)

The blog template was getting bloated again, I was using a third party’s template so some of the adjustments through Blogger’s site were not working, for example it was not possible to change the font of the ‘Post’s Title’, and how I hated having Arial as the title’s font (can you imagine capital I and lower case L being exactly the same, lol).

I really wanted to use PT Mono as the font for the post’s content, PT Mono was not listed in Blogger’s Template Designer, so I’d chosen PT Sans instead. Then something was lost in translation, as once the new template was loaded into Windows Live Writer, the default font became Times New Roman instead of PT Sans. So I gave up and opted for the wonderful Cambria instead.

Blogger has improved so much, and hopefully it will continue improving (and not go the way of Google Wave, haa haa haa), the customisation with the standard template is so great now and adding to it, the ‘Add CSS’ function meant there is no need to look anywhere else :)

Time to go back to tinkering, rounded corners, centering sidebar’s titles and so much more :)

ICE, Image Composite Editor (Microsoft Research)

----- Click -----> ICE (to go straight to the site).

MSICENow and then stitching several shots together will be necessary to get the desired effect, there are almost endless websites on the technique for taking good panoramic shots, as well as the tool required for the stitching.

In the past my main tool for managing the photos was ‘Windows Live Photo Gallery’ (‘WLPG’), and I couldn’t have been more happy with it, but that was when I was shooting JPGs. A function/module in WPLG was the stitching function, and it worked faultlessly for what I have required of it.

Since moving over to RAW, meant WLPG was replaced by Lightroom which did not contain a stitching module. I could have continue using WLPG just for the stitching function, but I was sure there was a dedicated (and small) program just for creating panoramic view.

I always go to ‘’ just to get a feel of what was out there. Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) was mentioned several times on the forum and threads, and naturally I’d homed in totally blind sided all the others, being from MS you would be a buffoon not to try it out :)


The download was 2.41MB, need I say more, and if you are a tweaker, you can tweak away until your tweaking thing gets broken, I usually just left everything on default :) usually in and out in less than 5 minutes, perfect.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking back :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Just did another round of moving all the back up files to a larger hard disk, moving about 630 GB through a constipated USB 2 connector was rather painful, haa haa haa.

Hopefully I shan’t have to do this again until I have a USB 3 system :) Backing up the photos was a laugh and gave me a chance to go through some of the old photos. Lightroom is fantastic, but I still manually organise all the photos into the appropriate ‘year’ folder then by subjects and/or imported dates, I’d just wished I have the discipline to tags all the photos :)

Looking back-0437There were photos of one of the first dates your mother and I went on together, haa haa haa, I am definitely not posting that :) However, I think this was taken in 2002 (11 years already?) Let see, 2002… … … I must have been working at Mazda by then, and your mother was still at BMW, all the friends behind us (on the left) were also from BMW where I’d left in 2001.

She was kicking me back in 2002, and she is still kicking me now in 2013… haa haa haa.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just you and me :)


Dearest March,

With more time on my hands, I’ve been taking you to my parents more and more, when Matt was a baby your mother was still working and it was my parents who’d help to look after him, so the relationship was there from the beginning for Matt, but for you it was slightly different.

Things are improving, you at least get to see your grandparents twice or three times a week. Giving you a book was all it took to keep you occupy for the forty minutes drive and you calling out ‘Papa’ every ten seconds was a very welcome distraction :)