Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Jedi :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

What is the plural of Jedi? :)

You were invited to Monty’s BD party this past Saturday, wow what a lark that was, his parents were brilliant :) The theme of the party was Star Wars, it was beyond fun :)

Jedi Time-06137 framed

All children attended were given a chance to become a Jedi in training (with it came the Jedi uniform and even a light saber too… lol :)

Mar had more fun than anyone :) while you lot were doing your breathing exercise, she was trying to do her forward roll, and it was perfect (kind of :)





Light Saber-06130 framedI can’t believe I’ve seen an orange light saber before, but since that day it hasn’t left your side, :)

The word-search game was also very fun, there were post-it stars around the place, and on each star was a number and a letter, find them all and make a sentence which will lead you to a hiding place… could you imagine the whirlwind of fun with twenty odd children? :)

What a great afternoon you two had :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeding time :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Matt have been eating by himself for quite some time now, but by the time he finishes breakfast it would already be passing his bed time, ‘slow eater he is’.

We have tried everything to speed things up, but at the end of the day the best way is to sit by his side and make sure that he eats at the normal pace :)

I’d guess that March was also fed up too, haa haa haa, and Matt just sat there smiling and willingly playing along, being fed by his little sister :) shameless, haa haa haa.

The video is much funnier :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Change of Scenery :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

We’d decided not to take you back to Silom for another bout of water fight, perhaps in... let say 8 years Matt would be just about ready for Silom at Songkran :) So your mother suggested we should head to Gateway Ekamai, one of newer shopping mall that promotes itself to be ‘very’ Japanese :) On the very top floor there was a mini-funfair that had just opened, how could we say no?

In the middle of Songkran, your mother had a brilliant idea of using some of the privileges we’d purchased when Ian and Lisa were here. So we had one night in one of the most well known hotel in Bangkok, it was just something to change the scenery. As it turned out, you two had such a great time we might just do this again :) Matt was crying and didn’t want to come home, lol.

The change of scenery did wonder, as usual we spent most of the time in the pool but the energy from the two of you was amazing :)



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Songkran 2013, it’s just the beginning :)

Songkran 2013-05687Dear Matt and Marcella,

Today’s battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over, we had retreated not because we were weak, but because we were wise.

The most important battle, is the ‘final’ battle, and today’s battle was just the beginning, we have a couple more days of Songkran left, the victory will surely be ours, haa haa haa.

This year we have decided to pop over to Silom for the Songkran celebration, we deliberately avoided the top of Silom (next to Rama4), instead we walked to the Silom/Narathiwas-Rajanagarindra intersection, hoping it would be less busy... could we have been more wrong? :)

The noon sun was way behind us, the wind was picking up, everyone was well rested and ready to splash it out :) with us, we had 3 water pistols, all filled to the brim :)

Marcella was looking a little lost on what was going on, Matt was hyper as usual, spraying everyone as soon as he took the first step out of the building :)

By the time we were approaching Silom, Matt had already used up about 40% of his water, auntie Tip was down to 30%, however mine was still full :) I’d bet Marcella must have thought we were all mad, lol.

As it turned out, Silom was not really for family with young children (nor camera, lol), I’d think one needs to be at least a teenager to enjoy Silom. We must have walked no more than 20 metres before heading back out to go home. Matt had a great time, the enjoyment he gets from splashing and being splashed by total strangers could not be put into words, lol. We could tell Marcella, deep down, she’d enjoyed it :) but most of the time her expression was one of ‘WTF’.

This year the Government had banned pickup trucks (pickup truck + huge water tank + 5 to 10 people = mighty fun + mobility) meant the streets were less lively this year, perhaps next year they will be allowed back on the streets.

Sonkran 2013 page 1

Sonkran 2013 page 2

Sonkran 2013 page 3 1

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fire Alarm (I should have been more attentive :)

3am alarmDear Matt and Marcella,

At around 3am this morning your mother woke me up, and you’ll find this as you grow up, waking me up from a deep sleep will take as much effort as putting a man on Pluto, have a full blown barbecue and bring them safely back again.

I woke up as fresh as a thousand year old zombie (who apparently died from drowning in a tub of vodka), to a sound of distant but very annoying ringing... now that I was fully conscious (not), because not for one second did I thought of the ‘ringing’ was the fire alarm. I’d actually went to the cupboards and the alarm clock in the living room hoping to switch the darn thing off.

After a couple of minutes of wandering around, it became apparent that it was the fire alarm... didn’t panic, didn’t run, didn’t scream, didn’t even care, not because I was cool, calm or collective, far from that… I was still half asleep, and considering we are in a 45 storeys building, containing around 490 units, perhaps there should have been more adrenalin rushing through my veins. 

My brain was using Intel 80386 and running windows 3.1, rather than the usual quad core “whatever”, so rather than getting you all together and start our evacuation, I’d decided to walk over to the balcony and looked down at the fire engines. But there were no fire engines! Just a bunch of people (at least 20) milling around. I think my mellowness could have been because of the ‘cry wolf’ syndrome, this wasn’t the first time the alarm had gone off without a cause.

I’d then decided to call the front desk, of course no one answered. So here was the plan, to get dress, walk downstairs, find out exactly what was going on then walk back up to let your mother know exactly what was going on... Trust me at that time in the morning this was the best plan I could come up with, the thought of waking up the both of you at 3am... wow... watching the twilight saga would have been less painful.

So I’d got dress, walked by the elevators hoping it would still be working (no), then headed towards the fire escape, only to find out that the door only opens one way, so there was no way of opening up the fire door to get back onto our floor. I’d thought of jarring the door open, but even that was too stupid for me at 3 in the morning.

So there was no other option than to walk back to the apartment, along the way all our neighbours were out, so we weren’t the only one who was undecided on whether to evacuate. As soon as I got back I gave the front desk another try...

Me:                “Hello”

Front Desk:    “Sawasdee krub”

Me:                “Which floor is burning krub”

Front Desk:    “Don’t know krub, we are still checking”

Me:                “Should we evacuate?”

Front Desk:    “Krub, you should” (I could hear him think, what a ‘buffalo’)

Me:                “Thank you krub”

Of course I did the opposite, and after the conversation I told your mother to go back to sleep, praying that ringing would stop... a few minutes later it did, phewwwww.

Later on in the morning, when all the senses returned to the rightful place, the course of action that I should have taken was to wake you all up, get dress, pick up essential belongings and start the evacuation rather than &^%$*&^ around deciding ‘to go or not to go’, stupid me...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are ready for you, North Korea… I’d meant Songkran :)

Ready for itDear Matt and Marcella,

This will be the first Songkran that we are going to take Matt out to enjoy the festival, the amount of people are usually unbelievable, the quality of water used is often questionable, not to mention the white perfumed paste and others, all have been a real concern for us.

But now as he is approaching five, it is the best time to go out there and just have fun, can’t wait to see his face when someone pour ice cold water on him… haa haa haa, he’ll probably catch pneumonia and be hospitalised for a week or so, lol (just kidding) but I have faith in modern medicine, he should be fine after a few weeks, haa haa haa.

Our deadly backup

Besides, what could go wrong, when we have such a fierce and ferocious back up, our very own Marcella the Merciless… (she was crying her eyes out trying to get rid of the thing, lol, perhaps she isn't quite merciless after all :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tooth Fairy… :)

tooth-fairy-bags-arch-425Dear Matt,

This morning someone must have pressed your ‘go fast’ button, or it could have been because this was the first day of the holiday, because you were unstoppable… :)

And then it happened… you slipped and fell, all I heard was a loud ‘splat’, then silence… which of course wasn’t a good sign. We both rushed to you only to find a meek version of yourself walking towards us.

Somehow you felt and knocked your front tooth, it wasn’t loose but after your mother spent an eternity trying to check if it did move, it moved… haa haa haa. After making sure that you were fine, your mother and I tag team (of course) to tell you how worst it could have been and that you should not run in the apartment or next time all your teeth would fall out.

Unexpectedly the first question that came out from your mouth was, “Great, when will the tooth fairy come?”, I, trying to make this a serious issue replied pretty much immediately, “We don’t have tooth fairies in Thailand”. You went quiet and walked away… of course your expression of total disappointment made me feel pretty much like a murderer, who had just wiped away all tooth fairies in Thailand. It was too late to say anything else, to tell the truth I really didn’t know what to say next, that was until the whole day had passed.

As we were driving home from my mother around 21:00, you suddenly asked, “Papa, which country has tooth fairies?”, this was my chance to make it up to you, “Oh, we do, I just need to check a book”, “What book Papa?”, “A book at home baby, I am driving now so no more talking ok?”, “Ok Papa”… :) I think I got away with it this time :)

(Got this great pic from
(By the way this post was typed using my latest favourite font, PT Mono, which I am sure no one has on their PC, so full apologies if right now it looks a little weird on your screen :)

Didn’t know what to think :)

Dear Matt,

We all went to drop off your mother at the airport Sunday before last, Marcella had a wonderful time walking around like she owns the airport :) As usual you were like a headless chicken with a jet pack on its wings, running all over the place.

For that day you’d decided to carry a piece of cardboard with a piece of rectangular paper stuck to it, also around your arm was a really hard cylindrical paper tube… the cardboard was your iPad and the tubing was your iPod charger… and you carried them all day, right up to your bed time… lol.

I didn’t know if you were trying to make a point that we didn’t let you play with the iPad enough or that you were only mucking around, lol… probably both haa haa haa.

Burning up (again)…

Ja Aey Papa

Dearest March,

Can’t believe you are having another bout of a virus infection. Deep down we are not that surprise, the summer this year has been and still is rather brutal, the heat has been incredible, I have never seen the hospital waiting room so full. Someone told me it was 42c (107.6 f) in one of the up country province.

I’d guess it all started on the day this photo was taken (last Friday), during Matt’s and his year singing concert. It was after the event and we didn’t want to be stuck in the school’s traffic so we’d decided to take a walk to the river.

As we were approaching the river, these red ‘toy’ things came into view, the last time I was this surprise (by a toy) was when I was very intoxicated and found an almost man-sized Jenga set in a middle of a pub... on that night, we were definitely the definition of a disaster :)

The last time I’d played connect four was on a mobile phone and haven’t even touched a physical one since the mid 80s (haa haa haa).

You’d thought it was a great place to play peek-a-boo (or Ja-Aey in Thai), although the holes did defeat the point of the game but you didn’t seem to care, haa haa haa.

By the time we got home your hands and feet were hot to the touch, so we went into the autopilot mode and didn’t think much of it, there were plenty of medicine in the fridge to take care of a light fever. I’d thought this bout would be just like Matt’s, as he also had a fever just a week earlier, and it had only lasted a day before everything went back to normal.

But it didn’t for you, in fact it got worse, usually you would remain cheerful even at higher temperatures, but not this time, you were really different. Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play and spent pretty much the whole time clinging to either your mother or me.

We have been back to the Dr. twice now in about 3 days, today just to get a second opinion as small bumps were appearing all over your body, the Dr. confirmed that the high temp. was caused by a virus infection, and there is nothing much we can do but to treat each symptom as it comes… get well soon baby :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheeky little you :)

Dearest Matt and Marcella,

March seems to be coping alright without Gio, probable because she doesn’t know any better :) Matt is having a bit of a difficult time but is still fine (running high temp. as soon as she’d left), only last night he said that “I miss her, Papa, I want Mama to be here Papa”.

a12School photos arrived this morning, all portraits and a couple of class photos. One had to order a certain amount for them to give you the actual files, of course we were all suckered into that, and again they didn’t even give you the ‘raw’ files, just the over exposed jpegs, not only that the size was only 1200 x 1800. Really???Last year was just the same, over exposed jpeg portrait but at least they were 4752 x 3168, so you could be disappointed but at least in a ‘big’ way, lol.

I must admit, the poses were better this year, perhaps Matt is a little older and could take directions a bit better, but this one of Matt sitting make us all smile.