Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interesting few days ahead?

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Your mother is going to Shanghai tomorrow, for about four days, I think she is a little excited because she hasn’t been out of the country since Matt opened his eyes on this wonderful world :) She had already given us a table of what and when to feed you two.

Your auntie will be here to help, so things should be easier. Have just spoken to your mother, looks like it will be a very early morning for us all tomorrow.

I was just wondering, who will miss who more? haa haa haa.



When we said good bye to your mother, Matt went up to her and whispered in her ear “Don’t forget Mama, the code is 168”, he was afraid that she will forget the code to the luggage and won’t be able to get her clothes out, haa haa haa, my son you’ve just earned yourself about a million points from your mother, :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Replacing the Lenovo Y460’s Screen.

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Ooopppsss, I seemed to have literally put my foot in it, well, more like ‘on’ it.

Friday morning, after picking Matt up by his feet, lifted him off the floor and walked to his bedroom (just like a bat) meant my field of vision was rather limited... and with a memory of a senile goldfish, meant I had totally forgotten that my trusted Lenovo Y460 was sitting on Matt’s bedroom floor, apparently just waiting for my left foot, haa haa haa.


I knew something was wrong after the ‘crackkkkk’ that could have been heard across the city :) Still, hope was high as there was no visible sign of anything broken, but of course all was revealed after pushing the on switch... #%^$!!!

After calling the Lenovo’s call centre, only to be told that the replacement screen was going to be around 6,000 THB (200 USD)... excluding the labour cost; just like in Blackadder, two words filled my mind and they rhymed with ‘Clucking Bell’.

SONY DSCStill lost on what to do about replacing the screen, I did what any nerd would do first, to back up everything... with the help of a HDMI cable and a spare TV, backing up was a simple affair (using ‘FreeFileSync’).

Now, where to find a replacement screen? When I am lost in the world, there is only one person to go to, just like the great Oz to Dorothy, uncle Google was always only a few clicks away.

After reading through a mind blowing number of result on Google, of course one picked the number one result and that lead me to ‘’, I never knew there were so many people who also like to step on their notebook just like me, lol.

Uncle Google also recommended (on about the fifth result) a VDO to watch, it was from ‘Pixelsmashers’ ( he was there to upgrade his Y460’s screen from 1366 x 768 to 1600 x 900. He was also thoughtful enough to leave a link ‘’ as well. I can’t thank you enough, the step by step on how to get in, and remove the screen was a God send.

Decided to buy the screen from, the screen was around 50 USD, and shipping another 50 USD, haa haa haa, got all the way to the checkout page only to find that Paypal service was on hold, the other two choices were bank wire transfer (about 20 USD surcharge) and webmoney (this was the first time I’ve ever heard of webmoney), so I passed and jumped to, again the site was excellent and it was very easy to find the part I was looking for (or thought I was looking for, tell you in a minute what I mean) however once again Paypal wasn’t available here either.

Anyway, decided to look locally in Bangkok, and got a couple of interesting hits from uncle Goo, but their website were less than unclear, like in many cases in Thailand, the best way was just to call them up. I’d told them what I was looking for, they told me to transfer 2,450 THB (81.6 USD) to their account.

SONY DSCAnd here was my main mistake, I should have taken out the broken panel first, so that I could have given them ( the part number... This I did not do, so all the information that they had was the model code (Y460)...

Anyway the first time I called, the man was pretty confident that he knew exactly what I needed, so I’d left it at that.

The panel came the following day after the accident, I took it out of the box and it looked exactly like the one I’ve seen on,, even the same as on the ‘how to’ VDO from pixelsmasher. So I was pretty confident that the part was right... that was until I’d started to remove the broken panel...

SONY DSCThe first phase of removing the screws and the plastic frame was identical to the guideline given by Pixelsmasher’s VDO, but as soon as the plastic frame was out of the way and a naked panel was staring at me, I knew that the panel in front of me was nothing like the ones I’ve seen on Internet and the VDO... %^&$!

So I called back ranpajum, told them exactly what was in front of me (including the part number), this next part was beyond my expectation. Ranpajum said that someone will deliver the part to me on the same day! Wow...

Sure enough, about 5 hours after our morning conversation, the replacement panel was waiting for me at home. Honestly it took less than 10 minutes to replace the panel and put everything back together.

So far the screen is still working haa haa haa, at least if this one is broken I know exactly where to go back to get another one, lol.

Matt knew that I was just a little upset with myself for squishing the screen with my kung-fu left foot, “Are your Ok Papa?, Don’t worry Papa you can sell it and buy a new one, Don’t be so sad Papa, Are you ok now? Papa”, after all those words of concern, how could one possibly not be ok? lol.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Worth a Visit: The World as 100 People

The world as 100 people

Info graphic is great, of course it all depends on the subject matter, and this one is rather good :)

--click-----> The World as 100 People <-----click--

23% of the world’s population has no shelter? That’s more than I’d expected.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like brother like sister :)

Matt and March haa haa haa

Dear Matt and March,

March had disappeared into the spare bedroom, and when she returned, she was wearing the Thai-boxing shorts (P’Pui did the transformation :)

I am convince they could heard us laughing in Australia, lol. It did take a bit of an effort (tagging a photo, nor matter how simple it is, is not my strongest discipline) to find Matt in the very same shorts so many years ago…

How quickly things have changed, we are no longer living in the house where Matt had posed for this photo and he is certainly not a baby anymore (sad, lol).

And soon we all will be looking back at March in these shorts and say exactly the same thing we have said about her big brother, Einstein’s discovered time slows down if one was to travel fast (really fast), so called the theories of ‘relativity’, perhaps there is another theory out there explaining why time seems to speed up when one is older :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Thinking of jumping ship to Squarespace :)

PathBeen at this blogging lark for about five-six years now, never knew writing about nothing in particular can be so entertaining.

Here is my team, ‘Blogger + Windows Live Writer + various image hosting services (Picasa) + The Blogger community’ all working together, making everything heavenly simple.

Don’t want to sound like an alarmist, which obviously I am going to sound exactly like one now… :) recently Google had cancelled Google Reader and for about 2/3 days people were up in arms burning Google effigies around the world (a slight exaggeration, lol).

I am not in the know on how Google makes their money from Blogger, and when I don’t see a clear revenue stream, that makes me slightly nervous, perhaps someone more knowledgeable can shed some lights on their business model with Blogger (apart from the obvious ad space, and data gathering).

I am afraid that history may just repeat itself, as I had started off on the mighty ‘Windows Live Spaces’… eerrr it wasn’t that mighty after all, as it was put to rest around 2011, who is to say that Blogger won’t travel down the same road?

Of course there are several Free and Paid alternatives to Blogger out there, the only reason I am seriously considering Squarespace is because of a blog I listen to (TWIT).

Obviously there is no rush at the moment, the big G hasn’t come out to say they were killing off Blogger just yet. I’ve read that Big G wanted to move people into Google Plus and that could be one of the reasons on putting my beloved Blogger in lead lined coffin; creating content (nor matter how pointless or self-centered they are) on Google plus is just isn’t the same as doing it on the blog.

It’s like comparing ‘Instant Noodles’ against ‘freshly made noodles’ with soup that took 48 hours to be perfected, they are both still noodles, they both will fill your hungry stomach, but the path/satisfaction gained/enjoyment in creating that content couldn’t be more different.

2013 Qingming Festival (Ancestors Day)

Dear Matt and March,

Wow… has it been a year already, the last time we were here March was still in her pram!

ChngMng 2013 Page

This year the heat was terrible, swimming in one’s sweat for an hour or so was just a tiny bit uncomfortable :)

We almost cancelled everything on that day, as your grandmother woke up feeling a bit under the weather. But after everything had finished, everyone was glad that we could have gone on with it, because next week will be super busy at the cemetery (final weekend of the festival).

During the past few years, to either side of your great grandmother’s tomb, someone else's ancestors had moved out and we were left with some unsightly broken tomb full of overgrown weed. So your grandfather decided to clean up the place just a little.

As for the rest of your great grand parents, they were all cremated, which is uncommon for a typical Chinese Family, it all started from your great grandfather (my mother side), at the age of 90 plus he told the family that he wanted to be cremated rather than buried as he doesn’t want to be a burden to the next generation. So that was followed by your great grandfather (my father side). Initially your grandfather took some flack from the other elders, but it was their wishes, end of conversation :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Run and Jump (Gif)

Gif Run and Jump

SONY DSCDear Matt,

Had some time to ourselves this past Saturday, and while your mother was busy we managed to get on to the roof of the building and decided to have some fun with the camera :)

You did a pretty good job (my jump pic), considering that your finger was just a little shy of touching the edge of the shutter button :) I was looking to try a few settings on the camera and you were more than willing to help :)

There are a few more continuous shots of you jumping, but I think I am going to stick with just the one Gif, I don’t want to become addicted to it again, haa haa haa.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just shook my head :)


Dear Matt,

The last thing I wanted was to wake you up, and I must have stood next to you for about a minute figuring out how to take your feet out without waking you.

Ended up by just taking out the head-rest :) Couldn’t see the forest for the trees, lol.

Beautiful Bangkok: Amateur Muay Thai Championships 2013

Stumbled on this championships this evening, I don’t think you can get any more Thai than Muay Thai :)

While I was looking around, a new fight was just about to start, and it was a Thai against an opponent from Russia. I had to chuckle after the ring announcer began to read the name of the judges.

5 judges were needed, and for this bout all five judges were Thai. I didn’t stay until the end, but it looked like the Russian was getting the upper hand of the fight.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sleepy head :)

Sleep while writing lol 2

Dear Matt,

Two nights in a row now, your evening Thai and writing lesson have turned out to be ‘sleeping’ lesson on your part :)

Auntie Tip had left you alone after giving you an assignment, only to return five minutes later and seeing you fast asleep.

Tomorrow we are going to brush your teeth before your writing exercise :)

Tonight while I was under the table plugging in the lamp, you’d decided that my blue shirt should have a little pink on it, and began to draw a line on my back using a very loud pink felt-tip… wow… haa haa haa, I was not amused :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Growing up fast :)

Full Team page

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Soon Matt will be walking around with a pair of huge headphones permanently glued to his head (now that he has discovered the improved sound quality, lol), Marcella has now discovered she is in love with Mickey Mouse hence a pair of ears on her head :)

Your mother mentioned that she would like to freeze you two at this age forever, I think now and then all parents have this secret wish, lol, we are going to miss this… :)

2013 On the run :)

SPD pageDear Matt,

When I was overseas, sports day was the whole day and more, but I’d guess for your age a couple of hours was more than enough :)

Once again, it was such a laugh to see so many of you and your friends trying their hardest to go faster and jump / throw longer (all I could see was a sea smiling faces, lol), it was a grand morning in deed.

Soon you’ll be placed in your house, at Skippers Hill I was in Drake and at Wellington I was in Darks (Overside). I’d guess then you’ll be getting into some serious Sports Day stuff, haa haa haa.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What a ‘filling’, haa haa haa :)

What a filling haa haaI wonder if one can judge a country, by using its worst (retailed) sandwich as a calibration scale? If such a scale exists (Standard Sandwich Country Development Scale, ‘SSCDS’) then I think we must be pretty way down in the ranking :)

Can this be classified as fraud? Oh, only kidding, it is only a sandwich after all, perhaps the manufacturer had a malfunctioned machine which thought of itself as a doughnut filling machine instead of a sandwich spread filling machine. This is a totally sane explanation, if this was a doughnut then the machine would have done its job perfectly, delivering jam right in the centre of the doughnut :) Somehow right now my mind is filled with Tuna Doughnut… and I don’t know why… nom nom nom…

Monday, March 4, 2013

Additional Class :)

SONY DSCDear Matt,

Totally my fault, but I think we might have focused just a little too much on your English :) since you could speak, your choice have always been to communicate in English, and now that you are growing up, I am a little worried that your Thai is not as good as it should be.

So since about eight months ago we have started to give you a diet of Thai only (at home), as you go to an international school of course your English will develop there, but at home it is all Som-tam, no fish and chips allowed, haa haa haa.

Auntie Tip have been giving you Thai lessons as home as well, and things have improved at quite a pace, I am so glad that she has taken time to write Thai with you, and you seems to enjoy it immensely too :)

The door knob was broken so we had to remove it, leaving a hole around 5/6 cms, just enough to take this picture :) without disturbing you :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

You could have been anything :)

Mr Crab PageDear Matt,

It’s time to dress up again, and you could have been anything… but… a ‘Crab’… really :)

The last time we gave you a choice, and you wanted to be ‘Water’, I gave up trying to come up with a ‘Water’ costume and ‘strongly’ persuaded you to become a sheep (a very successful sheep it was too :)

So this time I was dreading it, “Matt, What would you want to be?”, “I want to be a Crab Papa”. The task was to dress up as a character from the book ‘Little Fish’ or any of your children’s favourite character, you could hear and feel the relief all around, haa haa haa.

All your friends were in ‘Big Budget Hollywood’ quality costume/makeover, there was a fantastic Captain America, an amazing Peter Pan, a much too real Pirate, a great Superman and about a million adorable mermaids, a BRILLIANT ‘Jessie’ from Toy Story, and probably the coolest of all, we even have one ‘Anakin Skywalker’ (don’t worry he hadn’t turned to the dark side yet, so you and your friends were quite safe, although I would strongly suggest you stay away when he turns around 20 ish or when he starts wearing black and a cape, and do run with all your might if he has a black helmet on his person, haa haa haa :)

So you could have been anything, and from all of the endless possibilities, you wanted to be ‘Mr. Crab’ from Sponge Bob… a cartoon character that is a prime example for six of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride (if this show was made for adult I am sure they’ll find a way to add Lust to this character :)

Again full marks for your mother, she had managed to find an excellent ‘Crab’ hat (I never knew there was a market for such a thing, haa haa haa) and you were absolutely over the moon, we were so happy that you were so happy :) but you could have been ‘James Bond’ (who is also a great example for some of the seven deadly sins too :), I am just saying that’s all :)