Sunday, September 30, 2012

Running soon


Dear Marcella,

Today is the first day I saw you standing without holding on to anything, I was cheering so loud I think your grandmother heard me across the city :)

Matt loves you so much, I do believe you are the only person in the known universe, he allows to touch the iPad, haa haa haa haa haa.

Soon you’ll be running around and knocking things over, and over and over, just wanted to tell you that we are already very prepared for that :) So knock away :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What to do?


In about 6 weeks I am going to have time on my hands, and there are so many things I want to do :)

First thing is to get my old job of driving Matt to school back, since Matt started his EY2 class I have yet to visit the school. It would be nice to see his new teacher. Your mother said that some mornings you and a friend would have special responsibility to drop off the class roll call to the administrator of the school, meaning walking alone to the admin. office.

Recently have been in contact with friends back at True, so will definitely take the time to go back to see some old faces and old smiles again.

But the thing I am most looking forward to, is to meet an old friend whom I haven’t seen in over 30 years, and he doesn’t even live that far away :) We were together at Assumption then I’d left when I was around 10, this friend of mine, we were tight :) remembering spending several nights sleeping over at his house, it would be fantastic to see him again :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The way I like to drink :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

We are still waiting for you to start crawling, so far it is more like a ‘slide on your tummy’ kind of a crawl. We are waiting because we wanted to know how you’ll crawl, to see if whether you will take after your big brother or not (crawling on hands and feet, rather than hands and knees).

At the very beginning your brother had problem drinking milk, so we mixed it with freshly squeezed orange juice and that worked like a charm. But for you, eating and drinking milk will never your problem, that is apart from drinking water.

I think your mother must have tried giving you water from every type of cups, bowls, bottles, straws and just about anything else that could hold water, she had tried. So far, the only thing that works is a syringe, we noticed that you love to take your medicine through the syringe, so your mother decided to use it to give you water instead, and again it worked like a charm :)

Just wanted to let you know that you are starting to have your little quirks already, although I would doubt that you’ll have as many as Matt :)

Restless Week.

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

You are almost eleven months now, and during this past week the same old feeling of anxiety came flooding back. Your mother and I still remember the sleepless nights we had when Matt's temperature shot up at your age.

It all started last Sunday, we had lunch with my parents at the outskirts of the city, the weather was typical of a monsoon afternoon, a combination of overcast sky and cool breeze made it perfect for a pint of something alcoholic :) unfortunately all had was water.

Half way through lunch the cloud decided it was time to share some its burdens with us mortals. Of course as soon the rain poured down, instantaneously guests at the restaurant must have had the sentence "Do you think the flood will come again this year?" embedded somewhere in their conversations, and to be honest the sign doesn't look too good.

That Sunday night your temperature shot up to thirty eight plus, must have been the spray from the rain, the same old feeling kicked in like a mule on steroids. Must admit the panicky feeling was being balanced with experience that you'll probably be ok, so we gave you the usual med and waited until Monday morning.

Monday night, picking you up was like picking up a hot water bottle, we could see in your eyes you were not yourself. The Doc. prescribed the usual antibiotic and Tylenol. I'd believed that would be the end of it, the antibiotic usually worked like magic. But not this time, Monday through Thursday you were quickly returning to normal, but on Thursday evening you went back into a slump.

That late evening we were just like the F1 pit crew, the usual course of action ran like clockwork, the wiped down, the meds, the water, the patch on the head and so on, but nothing was bringing down the temperature.

After a few hours, at around two AM your mother called the hospital to check if there was a room available, then she called your Auntie Tip to come and help as one of us had to stay with Matt. By that time your temperature was touching mid 38 as your last round of meds were wearing off. So I’ve decided not to give you the same Tylenol, instead dove into the fridge to find another temp. med and decided to give you that one instead (it’s safe according to the guideline).

Half an hour later, your temperature began to drop and you felt back to sleep. After much debate we all decided not to go to the hospital at this time, and will wait until the following morning...

We were ever so worried throughout the week, but by the weekend you were almost back to your usual self :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To die at the next sword

‘To die at the next sword’ is a rough translation of an old Thai saying, it simply means to take a chance now without knowing how it will turn out in the future.

And that is exactly what I have just done, whether one likes it or not, in the most simplistic term ‘Life’ is like a giant jigsaw puzzle between ‘Family’ and ‘Work’, and for the past few months the ‘Work’ side of the puzzle wasn’t working out, it just doesn’t fit into the ‘Family’ part of the puzzle, one has got to change.

I am sure like so many, after leaving a steady job of six years to try something new, well the ‘new’ got old fast and 2 jobs later I found myself sitting in a darkened corner contemplating on what to do, for a fish cannot climb trees (well, that isn’t quite true, give it a few billion years of evolution even a fish can fly (again unless you are a ‘creationist’, then a fish will always be nothing but fins and tail :)).

The decision to jump ship without a raft was a huge one, still hoping something will turn up soon, I still think it was worth it, no more bad vibes being brought back home, more time with the kids, more time with everything (have been wanting to visit an old friend whom I haven’t seen in over thirty years). But of course, soon reality will come knocking, and it will be time to look for another set of ‘Work’ puzzle that fits.

Never thought that I would have these kind of feelings, when we were young, work was actually fun!

Most of the postings on this blog have been, very largely laid in the ‘Family’ part of the puzzle, I find it hard to post anything about ‘work’, well, ‘work’ is ‘work’ who wants to hear about ‘work’? Unless you are an astronaut, actor, aristocrat or if you really enjoy your work then writing about it would come naturally. Mine obviously doesn’t come naturally especially for the past year and a bit, perhaps one day I’ll find it, and blogging about work would be a much welcome change.

As I am sitting here tapping away on the keyboard, this is my 5th job in 12 years, (don’t worry I am not going to copy and paste my resume here) :) In my naive past, at the beginning of the working life I had never understood how life at work can drive someone to the edge of breaking point and in some cases beyond. Isn’t work something you leave at the office?

That was well and true at the beginning of my career, responsibilities were light (not so many pieces to the puzzle) and there was nothing to take home at the end of the day. Working was fun, you just did as you were told, and the only concern was to deliver the work on time. There were no ambitions, in fact never have one, never thought of being an apex of a company or anything close to that level. However, one did move up the ladder, more responsibility came, subsequently and inevitably more problems to be solved, the pieces of the ‘Work’ puzzle have increased at an interesting rate :)

At the same time the number of pieces also grew in the ‘Family’ side of the puzzle, so many more pieces were added, courtship, girlfriend, wife, a car, a child, another child, another car, schooling, mortgage and other gazillion things :)

With more pieces on both side of the puzzle, it was getting more and more difficult to match them up, pieces grew more and more. Fundamentally ‘Work’ is maintaining the quality of ‘Family’ that is growing, it is obvious that ‘Family Life’ is now getting more and more dependent on the ‘Work’ pieces

Some people are contented to stay with the same organisation all their lives, my path was different, decided to move when I can into different industries (seeking new experiences), perhaps that wasn’t the right path to take after all :) It was fine to begin with, with less puzzle pieces on the ‘Family’, it was just me, so taking chances had less consequences.

Old habits die hard, now with a full fledged family, eleven months ago decided to move away from a job of 6 years, into another industry, that only lasted for nine months. Now after three months of yet another industry, this time I have found that the ‘Work’ puzzle pieces totally doesn’t fit to the ‘Family’ side of the puzzle at all, so after a long discussion, I’ll ask for my leave just as the probation period is ending.

As you climb up a corporate ladder, it’s harder to move to another ladder while maintaining the same rung (of course that is unless you were hunted), and that is where I find myself now, very uncomfortable in my current role but the commitment at home means I must jump to the same level on the next ladder, and so far that ladder is nothing but a pile of wood on the floor. But I have decided to jump anyway.

My mindset have changed, the urged to seek new experiences have truly gone, to be replaced by a, dare I say ‘more responsible view’. So if I ever managed to find the next ladder, and if it fits, I’ll remind myself of these past year before even contemplating on another move.

By the time this is posted, the ‘exit’ would have been put in motion, then it will be two more months before the great leap. After that, you’ll either find me holding on to another ladder, or still laying on the floor trying to turn the pile of wood on the floor into a ladder of my own.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Quality doesn’t matter :)


Dear Marcella,

Your mother took a snapshot of you in the car on her mobile phone, so you can imagine the quality of the photo. But honestly, it is one of my favourite photo of you to date (I have over 50,000 photos in the library, and most of them are either of your or Matt :) ) . Of course I’d wish the quality of the file was better, because I really wanted to print out this one.

Time is on no one’s side, and you are growing up so fast. Tonight was one of a few nights I had the chance to lull you to sleep, and it really made my year baby M :)

All I need is the Ka-Ching :)

a992Looks like this is good time to jump back into the DSLR pool of lust and desire, lol. For the longest time I have been wanting to get back to a larger camera body. Since the D90 was stolen, I have been venting my creativity through the fantastic Nex5, so APS-C have been my tool of choice.

Within days of each other, Sony announced their flagship A99 and Nikon announced their D600, both are full frame cameras. I mean there are other FF cameras around, but for me those are either way too expensive or have too many pixel for my liking. For the first time I am seeing two FF cameras that fit with my requirement (I was going to say ‘need’, but that is just a little too strong, I mean I ‘need’ air and water, but a camera? lol).

Will probably go with the Sony a99, Nex5 have convinced me about Sony cameras, and on the top of my list of priorities are 1) Auto focusing system closely follow by 2) low noise performance. Judging by these two points alone I think a99 would be the choice. I am not going to go all lens crazy on this, just an all purpose zoom and one wide angle lens would be enough. But what I need most now is the Ka-Ching.... :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Friends :)

New FriendsDear Matt,

This was taken at Central Chidlom, and the kids’ room is one of the many places you like to hang out while your mother goes shopping :) It is amazing how fast children make friends at your age, absolutely no pre-judgement on anything (like clothing, the way one walks :), the perfume one wears and so on).

All that matters was sharing of the ‘fun’, I had put you in one of those car thingy, apart from rocking back and forth and side to side, one was also required to navigate through a simple game that was on the screen, and you were totally engrossed on getting passed the challenge.

Then a couple of children came to see what you were doing, in a very calm manner, you just slid to one side without even looking up, allowing one of the children to climb on board and shared the fun, of course there was no room for the other but she cheered on from the sideline, so to speak.

After the 10 Baths ran its course, all of you smiled, shouted and left to find something even more fun to do :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bow in her hair :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

I can see it now, more accessories than Cleopatra :), more shoes than Imelda Marcos, more… only kidding. We are still deciding which room you’ll be sleeping in, there is a small bedroom right next to ours and there is a larger room but further away from us.

The original logic was a simple one, move Matt to the bigger room, as he is older so he can be further from us, and then you move into the small room right next to us, but after anticipating all of the stuff that you’ll be accumulating I am having to rethink how all of this will work, because the small closet will never do for you in the small bedroom :)

Well, at least we have a couple more years to think of this one :)

At ten months, you are now more active than ever, grabbing onto your cot rails and standing up seems to be one of your favourite thing at the moment :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Should have been back by now

Dearest M & M,

I am now sitting in Copenhagen Airport, killing time before the ten o’clock-ish flight take me back home. Your mother said that you two were coming to pick me up, it would be wonderful if you did.

This week hasn’t been easy, but the heavy schedule gave me loads of information and first hand experience in the new role I am in... well that is enough talk about work ehh :)

Where to begin? The original itinerary was a simple one, BKK-ZRH-LGW-(drive to)-LHR-AMS-CPH-BKK, but due to the ‘great efficiency’ (deep breath and SIGH...) of the people who lives in Visa-land meant the schedule had to be changed to an even more interesting, BKK-ZRH-AMS-FRA-AMS-CPH-BKK, and to make it even more fun this trip was done in about 5 days.

The lake Stitch 2-1

Now back in BKK, and still recovering, although I took the camera with me but the only opportunity I had to take photos was on the first day I’d arrived in Zurich (walked from the Z├╝rich Hauptbahnhof along the Bahnhofstrasse until I had reached the lake, then all the way back passing Zurich HB once again and spent the rest of the afternoon in the Swiss National Museum), apart from that it was just a whirlwind of meetings and airports, haa haa haa, will definitely take you all there one day :) ZRH, AMS, FRA, and CPH were wonderful (what I saw of it, which was basically the airports, haa haa haa).

Monday, September 3, 2012

Not that bad :)


Got back from a week long EU trip yesterday late afternoon, now suffering from a slight jet lag, should be better by tomorrow, so that is why I am still up and writing this post. Today we took you two to Central Rama 3 with the main objective being a much needed haircut for Matt.

It wasn’t as bad as this photo portrays, anyway what counts is that your mother was very happy with the result :) haa haa haa haa haa, oh baby you’ll get use to it, still dreading the day when I have to take Marcella to the salon, should be just as fun :)