Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

SONY DSCDear M and M,

Your mother is helping a very good friend on a special project, well it is just a tad more than a project, but we can’t discuss it here ;) Anyway, for a reason we can not get into it right now have led us to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (although they have spelt it ‘Center’ rather than ‘Centre’).

The first port of call was this coffee shop (so sorry can not remember the name), nothing but drip coffee, a very different concept for BKK, of course they had to adapt their menu for the local taste, that being cold and a little sweet, but not for me though, I was there for the man-coffee, no sugar, no milk, no ice and if I could, not even water, I just want to chew the beans, lol.

SONY DSCIt had been such a long time since we’d been out together to anyplace like this, so it was a welcome break for all of us, then it was time to go home. Of course we didn’t, we were going to, but as we were already here we might as well look at the exhibitions… Why haven’t we come here before! was the first question that came to mind.

If you like drawings, paintings and abstract art and sculpture please do give this BACC a try, I’d wished we could have more time walking through the whole thing… it is so nice to see that Bangkok has something different to offer us native as well as our overseas visitors :)






















Sunday, July 22, 2012

A rough couple of weeks :)


Wow, what a rough couple of weeks for all of us, there was and still is an outbreak of Hand Foot Mouth Disease “HFMD”, the first I’d heard of this outbreak was a couple of weeks ago in Cambodia, where this certain strain of HFMD was lethal and had taken many lives around the Thai - Cambodia border.

Fortunately the strain that is spreading in Bangkok isn’t lethal (however, many schools have been temporarily closed). Matt was the first one who had high temperature, as it happened, the day was Friday the 13th. Jason didn’t call but the teacher did, and had asked Gio to come and take Matt home, because Matt was suffering from a fever. After the hospital visit, Dr. diagnosed him with HFMD, but his temperature never went beyond 38c, and he hadn’t developed the tell tale lumps in this throat, hands and feet, subsequently after just a day he was as right as rain again. Then he had a big fall at the summer school (16th) (another visit to the Dr.), after several x-ray sessions (they just couldn’t get it right) he walked away with nothing more than a swollen arm and hand in a sling.

It must have been only a couple of days later that Marcella then developed high temperature, this time it went beyond 38c, so yet another trip to the Dr. for your mother. I was very worried here with her being so young, and she was nowhere near her cheerful self.

Your mother was a bit miffed when she had to spend the total of four hours at the hospital for Marcella, only to walk away with only uncertainties and were told to come back the following day. Next day another three hours were spent at the hospital, this time the Dr. again diagnosed HFMD.

So at home we now have one kid with his right arm identical to Hell Boy (haa haa haa) and a little baby recovering from being the human torch :) but things are improving and everyone should be back to normal in a few days (fingers crossed).

I can see the future now :)

SONY DSCDear M and M,

Here was a simple instruction, “Matt, please tidy up” and in a sweet voice he replied “Ok, Papa”… About six minutes later, I walked back and stepped right into a twilight zone episode, it was too tidy, not even the remote controls were to be found… the I looked behind the sofa, oh why did I look behind the sofa? lol.

I can see the future now… wow :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nondht’s Birthday Party

Dear Matt,

This was your first ‘out of condo, out of school’ birthday party, and it was by far the biggest one you have attended, it was Nondht’s birthday, he is the newest member of your SHB class. Seeing you all together drives me to wonder how can your teachers remain sane :) haa haa haa. I now fully understand why they only teach you lot until lunch time, because that is all they can handle, lol. Wow, just wow, it was a wonderful afternoon, full of laughter and a tiny amount of tears :)

Again I took enough photos to fill about a billion five and a quarter inch floppy disks, and none have yet to be converted to jpeg, I am slowly getting through them, very slowly, and at the pace I am going I can only assume it will be done by Nondht’s next birthday :) Seriously, I must get on processing them, I had promised so many parents to send them out, lol, and your term starts in about three weeks, :) Better get on then :)


Friday, July 20, 2012


Thump-1Dear Matt,

Your mother called me just a little after lunch today (16.07.12), she was rushing out to bring you home from school. The teacher called because you had a fall from one of the playground thingy :) fortunately your mother has a friend who teaches at the school, so she asked him to look after you until she gets there.

Of course you were in tears, and so would I be too if I had fallen that far :) your mother called again once you had arrived at the hospital, and from the pic she'd sent, your arm definitely looked swollen, but she said you were laying it on a bit thick though, haa haa haa. I couldn't wait to see you at home, to see your Oscar winning performance :)

All I can say is absolutely brilliant :) the limped arm, the limped hand, the sling that you insisted on wearing to bed, even the slight frown when my hand is a bout a mile away from your elbow :) and the best of all is how you 'needed' to use your left arm to lift up your right hand, bravo my child, bravo :)

Hopefully you'll feel as right as rain tomorrow morning, ;) By the way it is really swollen.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wrong call :)

SONY DSCDear Matt,

For the past couple of weeks there was an out break of HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease), but I didn't think anything of it. Until a few days ago, a picture of our good friend’s daughter was posted on FB, her feet were full of small bumps a sure sign of HFMD.

On Friday (which happened to be the 13th) the school called your mother because your temperature was up, around 38.2. I didn't think it was anything serious, but I'd ended being by your side all through the night and gave you medicine at about one am, at that time your temp was around 38, so it was a tad better.

Nothing had improved on the Saturday morning, but at least you were your cheerful self, so lazily we decided to visit your local hospital. Within five minutes the Dr. said that you may have HFMD, wow, and we were told there was nothing we can do than just to keep an eye on your temperature, and let you ride out this storm.

I was not convinced that you have HFMD, or otherwise you have been really lucky because since you were home, your temperature hadn’t gone above 38.

It was a bit of an up and down sort of a night (Saturday), in the early evening your temperature were back to normal, then just when we were about to leave for supper, your temperature shot right back up. But on the following morning, you were as right as rain, so my original hunch was correct, it was a not HFMD :) after all.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making your first move :)

SONY DSCDear Marcella,

All warning have been sent, red light alert have been signaled, and all alarms are ringing. Everyone is now super vigilant around you, because now at around the ripe old age of seven months, you are now able to push your little tummy across the floor, and at a frightening pace too :) First thought was to put a mop under your tummy so that you can pull your weight around the house, but your mother struck me down like a bolt of Zeus’ lightning :)

It is still a learning phase for you, teaching you to push alternatively with both legs rather than using only the right leg was a laugh, I am glad to inform you that both of your engines are now in great working order. Your mother and I are in full agreement, you’ll definitely be a handful, judging by the way you scooted around the floor.

The lady sitting behind you is my mother, and she loves you endlessly :) always watching over you when she is around and nobody else has a chance of holding you when she is around (a slight exaggeration here of course :) )

Your teeth are coming, the bottom two are just about visible now, I do have a few photos of your two budding teeth, will show it to you when you are old enough :)

We’ve been using the green seat for the longest time, and that has delayed your ability to sit on your own, because it was so supportive, this must also be one of the first photo of you sitting by yourself :) Must get fit, in preparation for when you can walk and run, because I am sure even Mr. Bolt would have a hard time catching you :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A mini treasure trove

Dear Matt,

We’ve been given a cd filled with your photos and your class photos. What an un expected surprise, and after going through all the photos, it looks like you have done a lot more than I had thought, I am no longer surprise why you fall a sleep (most of the time) on your way home.

wb 21 November 2011 037

wb 28 November 2011 031But having fun must be a part of your curriculum, dressing up as an elephant was new to me, they were probably teaching you about survival in Africa, and how to survive by mimicking elephant’s behaviour :) I really liked when they got you and your friends to help out organising goods for donations for the flood victims, empathy is such an important topic for me.






Chinese New Year 018It was nice to see so many photos of you and your mother :) I am hoping you’ll enjoy your EY2 classes as much as you have enjoyed your EY1 classes. Sometimes to get you to do things faster we would say “if you don’t do this, we shall not take you to school tomorrow” :) that is how much you enjoy going to school :)

Right now you are attending another school for your summer break, Siam Sam Tri, but this one is totally different, it’s a Buddhist school, there is an assembly before class each morning, where the students sit in rows for a prayer session, followed by meditation. We are noticing that you find it tough when having to interact with new friends, and tend to stay away from the group, preferred to be by yourself (we are working on this), but luckily many of your SHB friends are also here too and that have helped quite a bit :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

When will I ever learn :)

SONY DSCDear M and M,

You might as well call me Mr. Carp, actually don’t, as that would be an insult to the Cyprinidae family, for surely they all have much better memory than mine. I should have learnt my lesson when I gave Matt a ‘very loud’ harmonica, and I did, I really did but obviously I had totally forgotten it. Both of you are wondering what I have done? Oh, nothing much, I’d only gone and introduce Marcella to the darn Bongo, and now she loves it :)





SONY DSCWe now have a slight changed of routine, lately Matt have been a little difficult when going to bed, simply because he wanted to sleep in the main bedroom rather than in his own room. If we were stern we could always get him to settle down in his own bed, but since we’ve just paid a factory size bill for our latest electricity, letting Matt joining Marcella kind of made sense :) but not for the whole night though, he always wake up in his own bed in the morning :)

Anyway, sometimes when I come home late, this is how I see the both of you! I would still kiss you good night though :) I hope it doesn’t give you any nightmares :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jumping from a whale :)

Dear M and M,

We decided to take a short break once again (just changed job so it was a break before starting new :)), and because Matt has been wanting to go back to Pattaya since forever, so that was where we found ourselves over the past weekend. Our hotel of choice (purely because of the water park) have always been Centara Grand, but the family room was fully booked, and once again your mother found a very good alternative, Holiday Inn (they do promote themselves as a ‘family’ hotel).


SONY DSCFriday was Matt’s last day of term, as the check in time was two in the afternoon, we decided to let him attend the school giving him the opportunity to say goodbye to all his friends before picking him up and head straight East, the timing was very convenient for all of us. It was rare to have me and Gio picking him up together from school, that in the way made him felt very special :)




SONY DSCEverything pretty much ran like clockwork, we got to the hotel just a little after two and the room was ready for us to immediately check in :) Matt felt in love with the room, which were essentially two rooms, one for the kids and one for the parents, there was a nice touch with the playstation and the whale beds :)





SONY DSCJumping from the head of the whale onto the bed was a challenge Matt was more than willing to take :) Unfortunately, Marcella was a bit under the weather, suffering her first ever cold, the nose was runny but there was no temperature (lucky), so we decided to keep her out of the hot sun as much as we could.






Jumping into the pool was always the highlight for Matt, the wind was picking up so it was a tad cold (for me) but Matt didn’t waste anytime. The kid’s swimming pool was a good size with one J shaped slide, but nothing compared to the water park at Centara Grand. It is still amazing how much a four year old can have with just the one slide :)

Marcella was not getting better, just the opposite, her temperature was now up so Pui had to stay behind with her in the hotel while the three of us took a walk to Central. Well, the intention was to walk but ten minutes later we were still a long way off and it was a collective decision to jump on a ‘song taew’ (a direct translation is ‘two rows’) a modified pick up truck to carry people on ‘two rows’ of seats.













SONY DSCThe morning of the second day, we were struggling on what to do, Gio again came with the answer, and in no time we were driving towards Suan Nong-Nuch, for me it is kind of hard to describe what it is, part zoo and part garden. The highlight must be the elephant ride and the various plants from around the world. We had fun feeding string beans to the goats and deer, but Matt shied away from the elephant ride so all of us decided to get on the bus/tram to see the garden. By around noon the sun was getting far too hot for the both of you, so we decided to head back into the town for lunch and then another swimming time for Matt.

On the final day the wind was too strong and the weather was a bit chilly for a swim, so after breakfast we decided just to pack up and travel home, making our usual stop at the famous Nong-mon market (more food shopping), and by four we were all snuggled in our living room. The break was a bit short but we all needed it :) especially your super mum :)