Saturday, February 2, 2019

Is it really the end of the line?

Dear Matt and Mar,

[02.02.2019] At around the middle of January, my dear friend, and much loved ‘Open Live Writer’ failed to upload a small post to this personal blog... After searching around a little on the net, it was obvious that it wasn’t only affecting me but probably the whole globe (drama queen in deed)... haa haa haa, sounds like a James Bond’s like villain being behind this incident, lol.

Someone much clever than I found out that the failure only occur if one’s Open Live Writer (OLW) article had photos, and those photos are being hosted in Google Photo, and that something at Google Photo had changed on the 15th of January.

I have no idea here, and can only assume that either ‘Google Photo’ or ‘OLW’ will have to update something to make it all work again.. but after diving into Github, it was mentioned that the kind volunteers at OLW had now moved on to something else. To be honest, one can not complain for a second, those people gave up their free time to deliver a fantastic tool, which I have used for free for years and years! So THANK YOU... _/\_

This site is really on Blogger (a hosted site), and Blogger have been a fantastic for our family diary or family orientated blog, but without OLW using Blogger is just too cumbersome. And according to the people in the know on Github, there will be no update to solve this issue.

Right now I looking for alternatives, and by far the most popular migration is Wordpress. I have been looking at this for the last couple of days, initially it had left me scratching my head quite a bit... (WPOrg) or which one is a better fit? Haa haa haa, then there were other options, Wix and Squarespace, just to mention a couple.

After reading several articles and even more YouTube vids, I think the best one would be WPOrg, but this is a totally new territory for me, and I am bricking it! Haa haa haa.

First of all WPOrg is self hosting (took me a while just to understand that, haa haa haa), simply I have to find a company to host my blog, luckily WPOrg recommends three (I wonder how much money they pay WPOrg to be on the recommended list ;-) Well it works, because it looks like I am going to go with Bluehost :-)

Obviously I already have the domain name, and now the web hosting have been chosen... all I have to do now is go to Bluehost and kickoff the whole process... like I said, I am bricking it, haa haa haa, will give it another week before the jump… haa haa haa.

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