Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just a bunch of little things :-)

20181229_095719-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[05.01.2019] To be honest it all started just before the end of 2018, just tiny individual things that piled up, and up and up like a tower of bothersome sandwich, that ended up bothering some OCD-ish person like myself an awful lot, haa haa haa.

It all kicked off with the news of theft at your grandparents, then the birth of 5 hamsters, of course after that the router decided to packed it in so no Wi-Fi at home (G help us all, haa haa haa)l Then there was the New Year trip, 5 hours long drive in the holiday rush (that turned out to be fantastically fun (story for another post though :-) this photo of your mother was taken only a day before the trip).

Drove back to BKK on the 1st, six straight hours on the road, with a brief stop in Phichit to visit Wat Bang Khlan, which I have been wanting to visit for a very long time :-) Went back to work and was faced with a somewhat difficult market conditions which the company had to take some drastic actions, which didn’t help the moral much.

The mummy hamster decided to give birth to another 6 hamsters... for some sad reasons, to our belief, none of the six new babies survived, only today I’ve found 3 deceased (buried them in the pot plant on the balcony), Although I have thoroughly searched, the other 3 remained unfound... we are all affected quite hard on this (another story for another post).

The ISP engineer arrived (yesterday) gave us an old arse router (as a replacement), and I’d spent the whole evening trying to remember how to set the new (old arse) router to ‘Bridge’ mode... utterly failed... until this morning, it all just clicked... another layer to the ever taller sandwich of bothersome tower , haa haa haa.

Once we got to the old Wi-Fi setup back, somehow the CCTV would not connect to the Wi-Fi... just like the router in Bridge mode, it was another case of can not see the wood for the trees, and it bothered me so much, haa haa haa, again until literally 7 hours ago.

Then only today your grandmother had just told us of another case of attempted theft that happened a couple of days ago, haa haa haa, glad we got all of this lot out of our way in the first week, as the remaining 51 weeks and beyond will be fantastic all the way up to 2066 lol.

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