Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hamster Factory haa haa haa

Dear Matt and Mar,

[09.01.2019] A bit of sad news on the Hamster front, let me recap the story so far. We bought the two hamsters (Frost and Crystal) back in early November, I didn’t want a boy and a girl, but the pet store said it could fight each other, so we got a boy and a girl, hence Crystal and Frost.


Ok, so we got the them in early November, well, they got on with each other rather too well, as you two have made comments that Crystal is looking rather fat, haa haa haa, and I was dreading it... because your mother and I thought she wasn’t fat, she was pregnant... haa haa haa.


One glorious morning in early / mid December Mar came in screaming... ‘There is a baby’, and there was, one tiny pink one, and I was over the moon, purely because there was just the one... well, that joy only lasted one day, the following day 4 more beautiful pink babies were added to the fold.

Of course we were all excited (I was more worried) and for the rest of the morning we were all more than frantic! Each of us went online and started to search on what to do when Hamsters have babies, and it was frightening... if we didn’t get it right they could eat the babies.

We followed the guideline to the letter, and each morning we would gingerly take a peak, taking most care not to touch the babies, we gave the mum extra food and treats, we made sure not to clean the pen for at least 2 weeks.

The development of the babies were astounding, in no time they were running around the pen, and as they were old enough to be touched, we decided to clean out the pen... but we couldn’t, for it was obvious that Crystal now has more buns in the oven! You can not imagine how stressful that was for me, haa haa haa.

At the end of December we were all away for a couple of nights, when we returned on the first of January, and Crystal was huge!


Must have been around the third or the forth, 6 more pink babies arrived and I’ll keep it short, sadly none of them survived. I took the opportunity to clean out the babies myself not wanting you two or your mother to see any of it. I was heartbroken...

Something had to be done, if we don’t change there is a strong possibilities that we are going to be a Hamster producing factory right in our home.

36909005-01The plan was simple one, give back Frost (after some serious negotiations with Matt) and the babies (even harder negotiations with Mar) to the pet store... after calling them, they would not take it back, haa haa haa, what to do now?

At the end it was quite obvious... somehow we have to look after all of them, and to me the solution was simple, we had to separate Frost from Crystal, so off we went to another pet store (this one is just down the road) to pick up another pen...

So that is where we are right now, 2 pens, the big one has Crystal and the 5 young hamsters, and Frost in a separate pen... so far so good...

Luckily one of our neighbour may take a couple of the young ones, but I know that there is one that neither of you would let go. One of the baby (let’s call him red) has beautiful grey fur, and with striking red eyes! Haa haa haa haa haa.

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