Sunday, January 6, 2019

D3 Pattaya, Play Time :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[01.01.2019] As this was Crimbo day (25th) , it was my task to find a church for this morning, and you’ll be glad to know I did something right... haa haa haa. By sheer luck I’d found Assumption Church Banglamung being the nearest to us, and found on one of the comment that the mass started at 09:00... So being a little late out of the door, we were bombing down the back roads and with a huge sigh of relief we made it to the Church’s parking lot at 08:59... but it was empty... the mass was starting at 10:00... So to kill time we drove to some interesting sights around the area.


Your mother liked the church (and there was plenty of waiting area for me) so after scoring some major brownie points from your mother, we were out of Church around eleven-ish, and as promised it was Harbor Land time, haa haa haa, that essentially meant 2 hours of you running around whilst your mother and I find a quiet spot to zombie out, haa haa haa. But that didn’t how it turned out. Mar was too young to enter the playland all by herself, so I had to join you two... still found a nice space to curl up though, haa haa haa.


After about two hours of my bottom being fixed to a seat, it was time to make a move haa haa haa. Don’t really know how but we ended up driving to the viewpoint in Pattaya, and it was definitely worth it (don’t know how after coming to Pattaya for many years we have not been here before).



This morning was your mother’s highlight, after lunch was yours but the evening was the highlight for your mother and me, luckily our great friend (your Uncle) Chat was free to meet up, and he suggested a fantastic restaurant (loads of things to keep you two busy), a couple of his friends also turned up and we ended up never wanting to leave... haa haa haa.


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