Sunday, January 13, 2019

D2 Sukhothai, Fantastic Day :-)

36908504-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[12.01.2019] What a laugh of a day, after breakfast we were out of the resort around eight-ish (although way before that, you two were making plan on where to visit), the Unesco Sukhothai Historical Park was literally 5 minutes away, once there instead of parking right away, we’d decided to drive once around the site, and ended up parking close to where we were the previous evening.

We were already somewhat familiar with the site so finding our way around was not a problem, also we knew that although the entrance fee was free (for the New Year period) but one still had to pay entrance fee for the bicycle or the electric car if you wish to take them into the park.

We ended up splitting into two teams, your grandparents and grand aunt got an electric car (with a driver), and us four got the bicycles. We decided to follow the tram route, meaning we were lead to all of the main attractions, and I’ll let the photos explain the rest, haa haa haa‘


Your grands finished the round in just a little over an hour, a totally different story for us though, haa haa haa. Nonetheless, we all caught up with each at the museum across the road (the museum was fantastic, especially for your grandfather, who loves the period religious relics).



It was almost noon, but the team was not that particular hungry. In the morning whilst your grands were doing the round in the Historical Park, the driver who also acted as a guide (and according to your grandfather, very knowledgeable too), the driver also mentioned that there are 2 other temples outside of the Historical Park that we must visit.


The two temples were ‘Wat Chang Lom’ (Surrounded by Elephants Temple) and ‘Wat Si Chum’, it was so easy to see why the driver said we must visit these two temples (essentially the Historical Park were filled with temples too), they were fantastic :-)


Lunch was at one of the local eatery nearby, nothing to write home about, it was alright :-) After lunch with nothing else on the agenda we took a drive to Ramkhamhaeng National Park, fantastic clean air, and it was a good drive, but in terms of attraction there wasn’t much too it, unless you got off on foot and follow the trail into the jungle... haa haa haa, not much chance for us with 3 over 70s and 2 kids, haa haa haa.

D2 Sukhothai-36908894D2 Sukhothai-36908893

The day ended with us having to move to a bigger room then it was supper, this time once again your mother came through, I have no idea how she keeps finding these places, haa haa haa, your grands were totally enjoying the evening.

We had to take to bed early, for tomorrow (New Year) we were driving back to BKK, and we wanted to start really early to avoid the traffic (as it turned out, it was not that bad :-).

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