Saturday, January 19, 2019

Across Continents…

Dear Matt and Mar,

Just a snapshot of one of my meetings, haa haa haa, easy to take a photo of this one as I was the only person from the Thailand office. From my previous companies, skype was the main mode of online global meetings, and I loved it, functionally I think it is very powerful. But here we kind of use a combination of VC and Skype (to share slides), and it worked really well.

I am still getting use to the VC, found myself raising my voice the longer I speak, lol, like I was trying to reach them with my voice across the continents... haa haa haa.

Matt had asked me at least a couple of times, what I actually do... haa haa haa, I am just a small cog in a huge machine full of cogs and other bits and bobs... haa haa haa. I am lucky to have the opportunity to have been involved in many industries, and this latest one is the Construction  Industry, more specifically Steel roofing industry... great people, great team, but very difficult market conditions and our heritage doesn’t help, lol. Well, enough of that for now... haa haa haa.


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