Friday, December 21, 2018

Watching you… :-)

1545309274201Dear Matt and Mar,

[20.12.2018] We’ve decided to get CCTV for your grandparents, the available options now are fantastic and the pricing are super reasonable, and talking about convenience... as soon as we’ve decided to get one, it was a simple matter of jumping onto one of the more popular online store, flicked through a couple of pages, making some simple comparisons... and in less than 10 minutes the camera was ordered... and in less than 3 days it was already in my hands :-)

Only decided to set it up this morning, in less than 5 minutes it was all working. The most fun part is that the camera has both speaker and microphone, so over the net we could have a conversation through the CCTV... haa haa haa, superb.

It was so much fun we’ve decided to keep this one and ordered a very similar one (they ran out of stock) for your grandparents instead... haa haa haa.

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