Monday, December 10, 2018

Very belated BD, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

[10.12.2018] Talking about leaving it to the last second… haa haa haa. As you all know, Mar’s BD is in November, and normally on Mar’s BD we would bring some fantastic cake for Mar to share with her friends in school, but this year Mar was rather sick on her BD, so we’d kind of skipped the whole thing… Until the night of 29th of November, let me emphasise the word ‘night’…

Late on the 29th, all in tears, Mar called your mother… Mar was asking about her cake to be shared with her friends, and tomorrow was the final day of November… and to Mar it was all going to be pointless if we took the cake in on December… haa haa haa.


As soon as your mother came home, she went straight to the cupboard, luckily she had everything to make the required twenty five cupcakes… haa haa haa, the plan was to bake the cupcakes in the evening, then do the frosting in the morning… What made it a little more hectic was the fact that on the morning of the 30th was also Year 1 and 2 Sports day (another post is coming on this :-)

Believe it or not, everything went as planned (Phew!), you had a fantastic Sports Day and immediately followed by the cupcakes… haa haa haa, lets not do it like this again next year, haa haa haa.



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