Saturday, December 1, 2018

Red Cross Fair :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[28.11.2018] What a journey we have had, finally we made it to the Red Cross Fair after the first failed attempt, lol. Red Cross fair is celebrating its 125 years this year, and since forever, the fair was held at Ambhorn Park, way in the old part of BKK, literally next to the Parliament.

But this year it was moved to Lumpinee park, right in the commercial district, with superb public transportation (MRT and BTS), when it was held at Ambhorn Park, it never crosses my mind to visit it. Coincidently, Mar has her class Barnaby Bear, so it just made a good opportunity to take Barnaby and take some photos.


Our first attempt was Saturday afternoon, we walked from our apartment and caught the BTS to Saladang, then it was a short walk to Lumpinee Park... wow... I’ve never seen so many people at Lumpinee Park! As soon as we got to Saladang station, I kind of had a hunch that we weren’t going to get very far, haa haa haa.

Even crossing the roads was difficult, so many people, and once we got to the main entrance it was a no brainer, especially when it was getting close to 18:00. The queue to the park was as long as equator line,m lol. We ended up taking a few photos, and left for supper :-)


When Sunday morning came round, as usual we followed the normal routine, but this time Matt went with Mar and your mother to CTW, I followed shortly after, after a quick lunch it was decided that we are going to give the Red Cross Fair another go, but this time not to go to the main entrance but one of the secondary entrance.

We parked our car at UCL, and it was just a short walk using the crossing bridge, this time there was no queue, perhaps it was because it was in the early afternoon. So what is Red Cross Fair, booth after booth of different individual brand, each brand (I mean all brands, from Telco companies, Banks, Universities, Food brands, Drinks Brands, Clothing Brands, Charities and so on) would set up their own booth, and have activities in them


Soi Dao was pretty popular, hundreds of paper tags hanging from a tree, one had to buy tickets then one was allowed to use a long stick to pull down the paper tags, each paper tag would have a number, and the number would be linked to prizes...

We tried TOT (Telecommunication of Thailand) first, each ticket was 20 THB, so you two had 5 each. Matt managed to win 5 small bottles of water... haa haa haa haa haa, market value about 5 THB each... haaa haa haa, it is all for charity after all.


We tried several booth, even the Red Cross booth, where you two were using a long pole with a flat net at the end to dig for plastic eggs hidden under a pile of polystyrene, haa haa haa, in each egg was a tag with a number for the prizes...

For me I enjoyed the food more than anything else, so many, many, many street hawkers! It was fantastic! Soon it was time to leave to go and visit my parents, you two could have spent the whole day here... but we were running out of hands to carry all the stuff, haa haa haa, you two won so many little dolls! Haa haa haa.





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