Monday, December 10, 2018

Nothing but smiles… Sports Day 2018

Dear Matt and Mar,

This time of year again, haa haa haa, this year Sports day’s theme was ‘Super Hero’, and they held both Year 1 and 2 together, to be honest, this year was superbly organised, all went like clockwork, each event was beautifully put together and well managed by all. The energy was super high, not only from the children, but from the staff and all the parents as well… haa haa haa.

I must have taken well over 300 photos of everyone in Mar’s class (all the parents pooled together the best photos took during the morning, lol), and your mother made a great observation, there wasn’t a single photo that Mar was not smiling :-) haa haa haa.




(Used the A7iii, upload to the mobile, processed by Snapseed… could have done with a little more exposure though, haa haa haa)

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