Saturday, December 8, 2018

Not long now :-)

36905964-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[07.12.18] This past Wednesday was our late beloved King Rama 9 Birthday, also our Father’s day too :-) and of course it was a public holiday, yippp ppppeeee. But instead of having a lazy day, the whole day was full to the brim... haa haa haa.

Mar’s ice skate competition is next week, so her coach would like Mar to practice at the actual event rink, so we all had to go to Mega Bangna once more, luckily Mar was not due to be on ice until around 11:30, so there was plenty of time for me to go the gym in the morning.

To make a day of it, we left the apartment early, drove across the city to pick up my parents, before the six of us drove to Mega Bangna, luckily we were there a little early as the parking spaces were filling up fast.

Unexpectedly the queue to the ice rink was rather long, but next door was ten pin bowling and Matt fancy a game... oh boy... this was going to be embarrassing (for me, haa haa haa). Matt and I had a great time although our score seem to decrease with every game, haa haa haa.

By the time we came out from Bowling, Mar had almost finished, but there was enough time for Matt  and I to go to the arcade (and Christmas shopping)... wow, the new driving game is so much better than I have remembered them, the seats now sit on actuators, violent actuators... haa haa haa, no wonder they gave you seatbelt as well, haa haa haa.

Mar worked hard, and had to go through the routine several times, and after several run through at the end small changes were made to the routine lol. All Mar has to do now is to practice and practice… haa haa haa.



After a very late lunch, we headed back to my parents’ place, whilst your mother and Mar jumped off around Pahurat to look for a black bodysuit for Mar (no luck though). So this was the afternoon of searching, after Pahurat, Matt and I dropped off your mother and Mar at Platinum, again no luck...

All four of us met again at Central World for a quick supper before heading home (late...) So it wasn’t a relaxing day at all :-) Haa haa haa.

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