Saturday, December 8, 2018

Last hoo-rar before Crimbo break

Crimbo CupcakesDear Matt and Mar,

[08.12.2018] This evening was a great evening, perhaps because I had consumed (more or less) a bottle of wine in about 40 minutes, haa haa haa. Mar’s old class had a get together at Khun Toi’s house (we all can not thank you enough :-)) for dinner and presents swapping (for kids and mums, haa haa haa).

All the children had a fantastic time, Mar got a present she had always wanted, a sequins toy pillow and Matt could not be happier with all the books he got :-)

The night started tentatively, as it had been a long while since all of us got together, especially where this year all the children have split up and placed in different classes, but as soon as the whole team arrived, it was just like last year, the room suddenly filled with laughters so much that it was difficult to breathe, haa haa haa.

Khun Cheng and myself were one of the first to arrive, and not long after we were ordered (haa haa haa) to go out and get a couple bottles of red liquid and a few bottles of bubbly water, haa haa haa. Time sure fly when we are having fun, in no time we were all swapping presents... and gradually each family slowly said goodnight... :-)

Your mother baked some cupcakes, which went down a storm… :-) No one can resist Father Christmas Cupcakes… haa haa haa.

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