Sunday, December 9, 2018

Extension complete :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Well the gamble paid off (just), haa haa ha. One of the main reason we got the current Hamsters’ home was because of the tube-system, where we can link up a series of tubes to make a tunnel system for our Crystal and Frost. But we just couldn’t find anywhere that sell these tubes… haa haa haa.

By luck, we were looking for something entirely different when we came across these ridiculously cheap hamster tubes, even from the initial look alone one can tell these were not of top tier quality, haa haa haa, and after reading some of the buyers’ comments we knew exactly what we were getting into, haa haa haa.

My objective was to link the two outlets (to the left and right of the cage) together with the tubes, as these alternative tubes were not made specifically for this cage, we were working blind, we didn’t know how many sets (the tubes were sold in a set, each set has around 5 or 6 tunnel pieces of various lengths and bends) were needed, nor did we know if the tube was too small or too large to fit the outlet.

With years of ‘guesstimate’ experience, I took a gamble of ordering 2 sets, pushed the ‘buy’ button and that was it… 3 weeks later these multi coloured tubes were sitting in the living room waiting for someone to put it together… lol. The first attempt was a total nightmare, looked like we didn’t order enough tubes… haa haa haa. So I gave up and put all the tubes to one side.


Now, a couple of weeks ago, some how all the brain cells managed to work together for once, and it literally took less than 5 mins to adjust all the tubes to make it run from one outlet to the other, using all of the tubes available… Of course the tubes were a little large for the outlet, but with a pile of sellotapes in hand that problem was fixed rather quickly :-) Actually, we pretty much used sellotape everywhere, haa haa haa.

Now the tubes have become Crystal and Frost favourite place to sleep, lol.

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