Saturday, December 8, 2018

Brownies… Seriously?

1544187848068Dear Matt and Mar,

Sometimes I think your mother is baking just to see me suffer, haa haa haa. Late last night, and out of the blue... “I am going to make some Brownies’... why... it was 22:00 already... and if she bakes, I’ll eat... haa haa haa.

She also had the nerve to tell me not to eat any if I didn’t want to... fat chance of that ever happening... haa haa haa. (Just had my first one... and it was superb :-)).

[I was wondering how mama baked the brownies... now I know why... -matt] Matt you just typed that whilst I went to the shop for your mother, because she needed 24 eggs at 21:00, looks like she is going to bake some more tonight...

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