Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Stunning Sky :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[21.11.2018] A couple of days ago I had a meeting in Rayong, nothing unusual here, the productive meeting went like clockwork by late afternoon I was ready to leave and take the 3 hours drive back to BKK. As soon as I’d stepped outside I knew the usual 3 hours drive would take considerably longer. I think by the end it took close to four and a half hour... haa haa haa.

20181119_160211-02Before I got in the car, I just had to take snap, the scene before me was absolutely unreal. Dark, heavy, sombre clouds filled the entire sky, there was a small gap to the far left that allowed enough light to flood the ground below. Dark sky and well lit grounds just made for an interesting photo, lol.

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