Friday, November 2, 2018

Selling Poppies :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[01.11.2018] Matt and his close friends (Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and others) were given the responsibility to sell the poppies to support the The Royal British Legion, and I must say all of you have taken the task extremely seriously :-) (Sorry for blurring out all of your friends, I haven’t asked their parents’ permission so I am not comfortable in posting them up :-)


When I return home each night I would get a full sales report, by SKU and revenue breakdown, haa haa haa. This morning Matt and his friends have their weekly meeting with the Junior School Principal, so you two arrived at the school really, really early. You two arrived so early that Matt had time to start selling the poppies.


Mar was than willing to help, haa haa haa, according to your mother, Mar was pretty much shouting for people to come and buy (Sales & Marketing, haa haa haa), whilst Matt was collects the money and tell Mar where to go (CFO & CEO, haa haa haa).

The project started on Tuesday lunch time and ended on the Friday, and in total the team had raised over 13,000 THB for this charity :-) Very well done indeed :-)

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