Friday, November 2, 2018

Scanning fun :-)

20181027_100301Dear Matt and Mar,

[01.11.2018] We have seen this wall of handheld units at Tesco Lotus for the longest time, and Matt and I were wondering what it was for, well we did find that out last Saturday :-)

After Matt’s golf lesson and whilst waiting for the car to be washed, Matt and I took a quick walk around Tesco Lotus (to get your mother shopping :-) Whilst Matt and I were getting our trolley, we saw this man carrying one of those handheld unit, excitedly we rushed to the wall and picked one up, knowing absolutely nothing on what it was for, haa haa haa.

We took a quick gander at the wall, and read the words ‘Scan then Shop’, haa haa haa, after a quick registration at the control panel, we were allowed to pull out one of the unit. So what does it do... simply it is a barcode scanner, so as one shop, one would scan the code, the scanner unit will tally up what you have bought.

collageOnce done, one would take one’s shopping and the scanner unit to a specific checkout, handover the scanner unit and allow the cashier to check your shopping against what you have scanned.

In short it saves time for the cashier having to scan all the items at the checkout, so in theory the checkout time should be faster. Certainly for us, it was superfast (we only bought 7 items), hand over the scanner unit, she checked our shopping and just pay and leave.

I wonder why couldn’t they just add payment solution to the handheld scanner unit, just imagine, do your shopping, scan as you go, as soon as you are done take out a credit card and just pay all on the scanner, then it is just a simple matter of the cashier checking if you have scanned all the items, and then you can just leave :-)

From Matt’s perspective, it was just super fun to do all the scanning and then checking if all the items were correctly recorded in the scanner unit, haa haa haa.


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