Sunday, November 18, 2018

Panic Mode: Hamster gone AWOL, haa haa haa.

Dear Matt and Mar,

To begin with, I must apologise that the first five to ten minutes after the hamster had made a run, I’d let my emotion ran amok and got far too emotional (angry) than the whole situation warrant. Rewind a little, even before I got you two the hamsters I had made it clear to you both that the worst thing that could happen was that the hamster got away.

Matt was watching TV and had Frost in his hands, Matt must have put him down for a second, and with hindsight it did look like a suitable place to let him play, to the front was a long cabinet with no room underneath, to the left and right were open spaces but was blocked by Matt’s legs, Frost was in a secured area.

As soon as Frost’s feet touches the floor, he ran towards the cabinet underneath the TV and disappeared, Matt shouted, I lost my temper, your mother and Mar was worried, and we all started looking.

Hamster AWOL-072149

Matt had insisted that Frost went underneath the cabinet, that frustrated me even more, as it was clear that there was no room, except for ants, haa haa haa. All credit to Matt, he kept to his original statement and told everyone that Frost disappeared underneath the cabinet, I did not believe him.

Hamster AWOL-071855Hamster AWOL-071923

Using logic, we closed all doors and started looking, well more like listening, your mother jumped onto Google and didn’t get the best of news, most of the hamsters once escaped hardly ever return. We started plotting the possible route from where Matt saw Frost last, but wherever we looked we came up empty handed.

After about 10 minutes of hoping and frantic search, Mar started to cry, I had already given up and was mulling in my mind whether we should get a replacement or not, haa haa haa. Yet Matt still insisted that Frost was under the cabinet! All bonus points to Matt, he stood his ground and did not waver one single bit.

My frustration peaked once more, I got low to Matt (who was sitting on the floor next to the cabinet), with my fingers I pointed out to Matt that the gap (barely 2 mm) was impossible for a hamster to pass through (I mean this isn’t Jerry, lol). But Matt insisted, but as I pull my hand away I found a gap, a huge gap, it was so huge an elephant could have ran through it.

Hamster AWOL-071935

The gap was not underneath the cabinet, but it lead underneath the drawers of the cabinet, and in this cubby hole there was only one way out, the way that it got in, in the first place!

Hamster AWOL-071949Hamster AWOL-071410

Our hope were up again, I immediately tried to pull out the right hand drawer but it locked itself and could not be fully removed, but it was good enough to see to the back of the cubby hole. This right drawer came up empty.

Matt tried the left one and suddenly he let out a squeak, haa haa haa, he said he saw movement and heard some noise, your mother didn’t believe him, but I did, and we all took turn to take a look, and there he was, Matt was absolutely right, Frost we here having a time of his life running and smiling (well I think he was smiling).

One would have thought we were home and dry, all we had to do was to remove the drawer, but oh no... life is never that simple. The drawer pulled out 70% - 80% of the way, but then it stops, naturally there must have been a way to remove it entirely, but not being a drawer expert, I just didn’t know how, haa haa haa.

Matt put some food on his palm (and all over the floor, haa haa haa), and Frost came right out to the edge, sniffed his fingers, took a seed and returned to the abyss, haa haa haa, then he would come to my end, showed his face in defiance and went away again.

Hamster AWOL-071452Hamster AWOL-072337

We thought of using a stick to gently push him out, haa haa haa, but of course we didn’t have a thin enough stick :-) Through desperation, got out the screwdriver and removed a couple of screws before realising that it was totally pointless, then I saw an out of place black plastic stick, one of either side, gave it a little push and out popped the remaining of the drawer... and there he was, Frost (cleaning himself, what got me the most was the amount of dust beneath the drawer, couldn’t wait to wipe it all down, haa haa haa).

It was the most stressful 45 minutes we have had in a very long time... haa haa haa.

Hamster AWOL-072952

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