Sunday, November 25, 2018

More Dressing Up, Loi Krathong.

Dear Matt and Mar,

[25.11.18] Should have posted this post before the previous post, haa haa haa. 22nd being Loi Krathong, Junior school allowed the children to dress up in traditional Thai clothes, Matt had tried his old costume on a few days earlier and it was looking  a little tight :-), so we wanted to get him a new one, but this being his final year in Junior School (no more dressing up in Senior School), Matt outright refused to get a new one… :-)

Mar on the other hand went all out (ear rings and necklace was in the school bag), haa haa haa, I think this was the same dress as last year, but with more accessories? (well I can’t really be sure, haa haa haa). Looking at the  both of you, I just couldn’t stop smiling… :-) and it was like a couple of weeks ago you were in full Indian costume :-)



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