Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mar’s Assembly :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[16.11.2018] This theme for Mar’s year is Superheros, personally I don’t really like this theme but all the children seem to enjoy it, lol, saying that today’s short stage performance by Mar’s class was superb with a really, really good message.

Yesterday was Year 2 assembly, and it was Mar’s class turn to perform on the stage. It started off with some of the children showing their musical talent :-) then it was the main stage performance.

The message behind the performance was fantastic, center stage were 4 children, each child was asking for help, then groups of Superheroes would take turn to visit them to offer help. But the problem each child is having was the normal daily problem, from needing help with homework, needing her mum, needing a doctor and so on and none of the Superheros could help!

So the key message was that in the real world, the people who can help are the people around you and not the Superheros, lol, quite a good message. Well done Class you all were perfect :-)


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