Sunday, November 25, 2018

Loi Krathong 2018 :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[23.11.2018] Yesterday I’d rushed back from the office as it was Loi Krathong (a direct translation would probably be ‘Float the Basket’ :-), full moon on the 12th month). The afternoon was helped with all after school activities being canceled, meaning you should be home by at least 15:30.

By the time I got home (around 18:00) you two have already had your supper, but your mother was nowhere to be seen, as every year, the traffic was terrible, haa haa haa. Eventually your mother turned up, looking all fed up with the traffic, lol.

Ant was on standby since the early afternoon, and everything went as planned, we’d left the house around 19:00 and reached the riverside temple, Wat Khlong Pum, around 19:30, well it would have taken less than 10 minutes on a normal day.

By chance, this weekend was Mar’s turn to look after Barnaby, so we jumped at the chance to also take Barnaby with us to Loi Krathong, and the rest are in the photos... :-)

I’ve found a faster way to get the photos onto the blog, although not the best of quality though, but it is good enough. Usually, the photos from the main camera would be imported to the mobile first, processed with Snapseed/PicsArt/Square InPic before quickly finding themselves on IG… (I hardly post on FB anymore… just feel that IG is much more contained :-)

Then I would come home, dump the photos onto the hard drive, launch LR, import photos into LR Catalogue, go into the Development mode and start editing… now I just connect the mobile phone to the Notebook, and import the photos from Snapseed for the blog :-)







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