Saturday, November 10, 2018

Finally :-)

20181109_083007Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally the time has come, many many years ago Google launched Google Apps, and if my memory serves me right, anyone could have signed on. Google Apps is essentially a tool for any businesses, it manages your team Email, shared workplace apps and so on, I think it was launched back in 2006. Many years on Google Apps is now G Suit, and I am using it to manage your mother’s and your Email.

Because I’d jumped in with both feet and signed on with Google Apps as soon as it was launched (like I always do for all Google’s launches), so it had been a free service for me all these time. At the start one was given 15GB for everything... and now 12 years on, it is finally full, and I’ve found myself having (and very happy) to pay the annual 700 THB subscription to increase my total capacity to 115 GB, :-) I’ve been using it for free for so long so it is kind of right to just subscribe :-), I know, I know, to say it’s free is not actually true, I am sure they have used my information to earn some money (somehow).

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