Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dreaded day have arrived, lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

[04.11.2018] Well, as the title said, the dreaded day have arrived... Mar’s birthday is in a few days, and we could get her the present she had asked for now or next weekend... Well better be sooner than later... Why was it so dreaded??? Mar wanted Hamsters! Haa haa haa.

To be honest, your mother and I would rather give her a billion pound than having to purchase hamsters... and of course it had to be plural... it would have been more cruel to get just the one...

20181104_104051So I would like to name this Sunday, Hamster hunt day :-) Sunday morning was the usual routine, I went to the gym whilst you two had breakfast, when I’d returned your mother and Mar were off to Ice Skating, Matt and I would spent the whole morning setting up the new desktop we had bought for your grandfather.

A few days ago your mother had done some homework and kind of knew where to get the Hamsters... but as we were about to set off my parents rang... at that time they were shopping at one of the hypermarket around Rama 1, and they mentioned that there was a petshop there, and they were selling 2 things (pets) fishes and hamsters... haa haa haa.

Of course we headed there straight away, it was a bit of a struggle trying to find the pet shop (one had to go through a parking lot). This small pet shop almost had everything we were looking for, haa haa haa, they had loads of hamsters (different breeds and all were at the right age). But when it came to hamster home... it choices were far and few, and much, much too small.

Then you mother remembered that there was a pet accessories shop pretty close to our house, so guess where we went next... This second shop was superb, it had everything (except pets.... haa haa haa), the choices of hamster home were excellent, we don’t want to be cruel, so on the top of our list was to get a larger enclosure.

It took us a while but eventually we got everything... Hamster’s food, home, beddings, toys and more, the only thing that was missing were the hamsters :-) I really wanted to finish this project within today, and if we had to ask you two to wait a week before getting the hamsters, I was afraid that you two would just explode... haa haa haa haa haa.


So we took everything home, and you two were given the task of cleaning the hamster home, and to get it ready to housed the hamsters. The plan was a simple one, we would load up the car with the hamster home, the new desktop, drive through the most busy part of BKK, get to the first pet shop, pick up a couple of hamsters, then drive further on to my parents to set up your grand’s desktop, have supper then come home... haa haa haa.

The traffic was horrible, and I was wondering if we could get there before closing time.... actually the pet shop doesn’t close until quite late (although I didn’t quite know why it needs to close so late). Just to speed everything up you two and your mother jumped out with the hamster home, whilst I went to park the van.


You two were over the moon, and to be honest your mother was rather excited too, haa haa haa, but for me I was just dreading it, haa haa haa, first thing I’d check was the lifespan of these hamsters... 2 years... not too bad, all we have to do now is to make their lives as comfortable as possible... Oh because we got a boy and a girl, if by chance babies come along, I told the pet shop that I am going to bring back all of the babies to them, lol.


Soon, 6 lives were in the van heading to my parents place, surprisingly we were on time, we arrived just a little after six and this time we came prepared, tooth brushes, pajamas, body cream and more. Once again supper were plentiful, setting up the new desktop took literally less than fifteen minutes (luckily we did most of the work in the morning), the I’d spent the rest of the evening cleaning up my father’s file.

Not very relaxing, but a very fruitful day :-), Happy Birthday Mar :-) and don’t forget to clean out the hamsters’ home once in a while, haa haa haa.


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