Sunday, October 21, 2018

Waiting :-)

Scrabble-36902952Dear Matt and Mar,

Saturday and Sunday morning now means your mother and Mar leaving the apartment around 09:45 to be at CTW around 10:00 ish (Mar ice skating and play time), and finishes around noon.

Well, that just leave Matt and I with quite a bit of time :-) to hang out, and that has been a boon for me :-) After Saturday morning golf lesson, we would return home for a very serious board game, haa haa haa. As for Sunday, I would be at the gym whilst Matt would be swimming, then back to board games before meeting Mar and your mother for lunch.

This morning it was scrabble, and I am by no mean what one would call a good player, but I do love the game, and so does Matt. To see his progress each time we play have been fantastic :-)

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