Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Short Trip to Sydney.

Dear Matt and Mar,

[17.10.2018] A few days ago the team and I took many of our customers/partners to Australia to visit our plant and see some upstream processes. To all of us, especially for me, it was absolutely fascinating, to have the opportunity to see those huge machineries go about lethargically doing its tasks, it was eye opening.

Day 1 Aus-36903062

Day 1 Aus-36903092Day 1 Aus-085852

The remaining of this short trip was to ensure that our valued customers enjoy themselves, to see and sample the best the city of Sydney had to offer, with only 3 full days, you can imagine how tiring it was for all of us, haa haa haa.

The last time I was in Sydney, it was with your mother (just started dating whilst working at BMW Thailand) many, many years ago. Of course with this large group (over 80 people) it was necessary to use experts to run the trip (tour operator), and they were brilliant.

Day 2 Aus-36903116

Day 2 Aus-36903197Day 2 Aus-36903206

Day 2 Aus-36903224

Day 2 Aus-36903242

It was tiring, but it was definitely worth all of the effort we had put in, there was nothing more important to see our customers/partners happy :-)

At the end of each day, everyone had some free time, some have decided to take a short walk to a casino nearby, lol. I’ve been inside a few casinos but mostly just walked around and enjoying the atmosphere, never had the gut to play, and I didn’t know enough of any game to really have a good chance, haa haa haa.

Day 3 Aus-36903262Day 3 Aus-36903269Day 3 Aus-36903287Day 3 Aus-36903291

Coincidentally, I’ve been playing lots of Blackjack (app) to the point of trying to learn how to play it properly, of course the house always have the advantage but it was fun nonetheless, and I was rather looking forward to have a chance to properly play in a real casino.

I still didn’t have enough nerve to play on the first visit, I mean a minimum of 50 AUD was just a little much for a beginner... haa haa haa. However on the second visit, managed to find Blackjack with 25 AUD (but the rules were slightly different, I think they called it Blackjack Challenge or something like that).

Day 3 Aus-36903309Day 3 Aus-36903330Day 3 Aus-36903341

After standing and watching for around half an hour, I jumped in, a colleague also joined in and was betting on my hand, haa haa haa, not much pressure then? The short of it, after about thirty minutes of playing I walked away 75 AUD up, haa haa haa, to be honest, I would have been happy if I’d walked away with 1 AUD up, lol. It was a total beginner’s luck!

Day 3 Aus-202458Day 4 Aus-36903527

Day 4 Aus-36903538Day 4 Aus-36903553

Day 4 Aus-36903505Day 4 Aus-36903557

Day 4 Aus-36903545Day 4 Aus-36903594

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