Monday, October 15, 2018

Jelly legs, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

[26.09.2018] Back in late September, our company had an off site meeting, it was essential to align the company’s direction and to make plans in going forward in this rather tough market situation. As usual private time were far and few between, some of us were up at 05:00 to hit the gym or went running.

On the final day, one of the seniour colleague discovered that there was an early morning bike ride, out by 06:00 and back by 07:00, an hour before our final day meeting was due to start... Of course I signed up straight away, much to my regret in the morning... haa haa haa.

OM-36902928001I found myself jolted up at 05:50... and if you were there in my room, you would have never seen such high level of multi tasking... haa haa haa, shower, teeth brushing, combing the hair, putting on moisturiser, doing push ups, whilst drinking coffee... lol.

It all started fine on the morning ride, all were laughing and smiling especially when a couple of our expats colleagues were obvious way too large for the tiny bicycle, haa haa haa. Twenty minutes into the ride, I found myself struggling... and the rest were forging further and further ahead, haa haa haa.

Our destination was a shrine on top of a rather steep hill, and the last thing I wanted to see after a thirty minutes bike ride was a hundred or so steps, haa haa haa, pushing those jelly legs up those steps was a nightmare, haa haa haa.

In the end, I made it back to the hotel all in piece, just a little behind everyone else though... haa haa haa.

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