Saturday, September 29, 2018

What time is it?

Dear Matt and Mar,

[22.09.2018] With Matt being head boy of the Prep School, every Thursday Matt and a small group of his friends (various captains and vice) would have an early morning (and I mean really early) meeting with the Prep School Principal, much to my despair, haa haa haa.

20180922_190851So far so good, every Thursday we have managed to be early, early enough for Matt to have more than a few minutes to play with his friends, however, I’d asked Matt how would he know when to stop playing and go to meet the principal?

Matt pointed to one of his friend who has a watch, so it was obvious that it was time to get Matt a watch :-) Of course there was no way I was going get him one of those digital watch... too easy to tell the time... haa haa haa, so we got him one of these instead (well, for now anyway :-)

One week on, it is a good sign that the watch is still being worn, and Matt can pretty much tell the time instantaneously :-) lol.

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