Saturday, September 15, 2018

Coffee, Waffles and Board Game :-)

I'm Park-36902403Dear Matt and Mar,

[02.09.2018] Well, what else do you want, Coffee, Cakes and Board games, an utter perfect combination for a lazy Sunday afternoon... (although a glass (or two) of wine would be nice, lol).

At this moment in time your mother and I are utterly fed up with Central World, it is all fine and great for Mar to have her Ice Skating thing here (that she absolutely loves), but for the past many weekends we found ourselves having to have our supper (Saturday) and lunch (Sunday) here too, purely due to the timing.

And now that your mother moved Mar’s lesson to Saturday morning, this meant if we didn’t make an extra effort and change, both Saturday and Sunday lunch would be at Central World... no way! haa haa haa, I mean shopping mall is generally the last place I would choose to be anyway.

So for today, as soon as Mar had finished her class and practice time, we were out of Central World faster than a bullet leaving a barrel, your mother wanted to go to Samyan for a quick lunch (Street food). We have not been to Samyan area for (with hindsight) quite a few years! Haa haa haa.

So there was no surprise that Samyan had changed, it had changed so much that we didn’t recognised anything anymore, lol. I mean it looks so much nicer now with modern park, and a few pretty impressive development. But it felt a little empty, whereas in the past the level of energy, the life was just bustling, perhaps today we were here at the wrong time, perhaps it is still full of zest in the evening and night... for sure we were not going to find out, haa haa haa.

We did manage to find some sections that were untouched, which still have some street/shophouse restaurants dotted around, the chicken and rice place we visited apparently have been in business since 1965.

After lunch, we’d decided to visit I’m Park, a community mall that looked quite interesting, that we’d found whilst we were getting lost just before lunch, haa haa haa. As it turned out, this was a fantastic find!

I'm Park-36902310I'm Park-36902313I'm Park-36902314

I'm Park-36902322I'm Park-36902319

I’m Park, is open plan community mall, mixing greenery and steel rather well, lol. While we were strolling around, looking for a place to have a cup of coffee (we did walk past a Starbucks, haa haa haa, which was going to be our last choice if we couldn’t find a place, haa haa haa). Matt and I found ‘More than a game cafĂ©’.

I'm Park-36902329I'm Park-36902330Quite unassuming from the outside, but once we walked in, the rather large room was filled with shrieks and laughters, the atmosphere was superb. Lucky for us there was one empty table left, we all nervously parked ourselves on the table, you two were off in a heartbeat to look around, the amount of available board games were mind boggling! We have truly entered into another world, haa haa haa.

The staff were super helpful, and they had to be, haa haa haa. After a few minutes away, you two walked back with a tiniest box, haa haa haa, just as we were about to read the instructions, one of the ‘superb’ staff came and suggested that perhaps we had chosen a wrong game, haa haa haa, she then suggested this game called ‘Davinci Code’, and it was glorious!

Although I loved the game, I totally sucked at it, it is essentially about Logic, Maths and slight luck, haa haa haa, of the 4 games we played, I won no game, haa haa haa. Luckily after four games you two decided you’ve had enough, by then coffee, ice cream and waffles came, lol. Mar then walked off with one of the staff and came back with a Gem of a game (card game), the game was ‘Sleeping Queen’, in fact it was so good we bought that game and have been playing almost every night since.

After almost 2 hours, it was time to leave, and right off the bat as we left the cafe Matt asked if we could come back next week (and we did, lol).


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